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August 29, 2008

Resigning as a daily blogger.

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I have sad news to make. I am resigning. As a daily blogger. All attempts to write daily have been failing. Cause 1, I run out of ideas, 2, I had a weird realization that writing when you don’t have ideas could be bad, and 3, I cant keep track of time – I forget that daily is daily and not 3 days later.

There is a fourth very important reason. I started to churn out absolute rot. Look for instance what I thought I will paste here one day –

“Some people think writing is an easy job. That all you need to do is to open a Word document and stare at it and words would fall down from the sky, well, or the roof. And when that does not happen they look up at the roof and decide its having a bad day. Not your fault, cause you did your job. You were the Good Samaritan who took the trouble of staring into a blank page. What could you do if creativity didn’t find its way from all the way above to come and hit your head?

Some people became some more people today. I joined them.”

Seeing that was what made me reach for my retirement papers. Yes yes, there is probably an age limit for daily bloggers. Those old bloggers who write daily, am sure are working illegally. Moreover I started showing womanly qualities – the biggest being I detest being called a woman, I prefer girl. I know at 25, a girl is not a girl but a girl is a [gulp] woman. Britney spears when she sang she was not a girl or a woman was not 25, she was 18. And when a woman starts being a woman, you have to quit. Cause your daily entries will have an inclination to be hmm, womanly.

But not to worry, it is just a phase. Cause women, I have noticed, exist. This wouldn’t have been possible if every time they heard someone call them women they went to jump into the sea and say goodbye cruel world. They get over the phase and continue to live, probably with heavily broken hearts. I mean they completely take it to their head the rest of the world is going to look at their face and say “She’s a woman”. Although nobody knows why that needs pointing out, there you have it – the world will always tell you things you don’t need telling. If it weren’t for them, I’d have grown up into a 100 year old girl in a matter of years. Hmph.

So, children, readers, audience, adieu.
Disclaimer: this is only official, and like every official deal, it has every intention of being unofficial and I’ll join them illegal old writers.



  1. ayyoo crisse pokalle.. ayyoo crisse pokalle..

    Comment by Deepak — August 29, 2008 @ 21:15 | Reply

  2. That’s sad. But as u said writing just for the sake of writing is also not a good idea. Will miss you as a daily blogger but hope to see you every alternate days or once in every 3 days 🙂 You can’t be missed longer than that 🙂

    Comment by Dhanya — August 29, 2008 @ 22:54 | Reply

  3. @Deepak, hehe! Dont tell anyone who made you say this 😀

    @Dhanya, its likely daily entries may come out (blabbing writers will always be blabbing writers), but I have decided to remove that as a hard-n-fast rule.

    Comment by Cris — August 30, 2008 @ 01:48 | Reply

  4. Crippi,do write often, as I”ll always look forward to hear from you..Good day.

    Comment by Nimmy — August 30, 2008 @ 10:27 | Reply

  5. Hmmm! Hope the disclaimer stands true! The readers deserve their daily dose of good blog content! 🙂

    Comment by sajith — August 30, 2008 @ 16:23 | Reply

  6. War is not a game of numbers !

    Comment by manu — August 30, 2008 @ 17:13 | Reply

  7. I too had plans to be a daily blogger. I had ideas and all the time in the world! But there are something called “comments”. I don’t feel like writing the next post without a bare minimum of at least 3-4 comments adorning the ‘latest’ post. 😀 So I dropped all ideas.

    So, good that you left daily blogging. Blog once, twice, thrice or even four times a week. You’ll get more comments, you’ll be more satisified and wholesome! And what’s more, the posts you’ll churn out will be of better quality!

    No, I don’t have the idea that those posts you wrote in your time as a ‘daily blogger’ were bad. At least they are WAY better than the crap I write. And that’s precisely why your blog adorns my blogroll!

    Way to go! Keep writing! 😀

    Comment by Hari Shanker — August 30, 2008 @ 18:23 | Reply

  8. Oh c’mon.. thats not u…
    You are not going anywhere..aint u? 😛

    Comment by Mr.Misunderstood — August 30, 2008 @ 19:40 | Reply

  9. Say Whaaaaat???……Am I late for an intervention? I been freakin’ busy with the wedding stuff (dang!). Anyway, sweetie,don’t call it a resignation from daily blogging. U could blog at least 3 or 4 times a week. Look around u, u’ll find topics to write bout in the thousands. But, yes, u should feel the need to write too. I do like u’r posts. They are fresh and uninhibited…and your way of writing… lucid and simple. Oh, do try… but if this is u’r decision, then its alright.

    Comment by M.Rose — September 1, 2008 @ 00:48 | Reply

  10. Keep the quality high.. No one cares quantity..:)

    Comment by Srijith — September 1, 2008 @ 01:26 | Reply

  11. Ho!
    Oru 2 aazhcha ingu varathappol, enthokke maattangal!!

    Comment by Nikhil Narayanan — September 1, 2008 @ 01:42 | Reply

  12. @Nimmy, sure dear 🙂 I know you do.

    @sajith, yeah right 😀

    @manu, emm err (trying to figure out where war came from), ahh.

    @Hari Shankar, the same thing has been bothering me for some while too! I miss comments and am a sucker for them!!! And kiddo there is nothing “crap”py about your blog, you keep up the Loyola standard, yeah yeah I like Loyola. My bro made sure I do. Only thing I dont like about Loyolites is they all write too good, hmph

    @Mr. Misunderstood, oh no besides even if I go places I am packing mah blog with me 😀

    @M.Rose, really happy to read that :-). I speak for my blog when I say I feel so wanted! I will write whenever a crazy thing hits my head – well thats not rare, but I will write when it hits me with words :-).

    @Srijith, thanks bro! I knew you will back me up

    @Nikhil, haha this is why you shouldnt take vaccations from the necessities of life, like my blog :p

    Comment by Cris — September 4, 2008 @ 03:14 | Reply

  13. Hi,
    You how women exist? At 30, time comes to a stand still for a woman. She never grows old for the next so many years, till it no longer becomes a necessity. I hope you get the drift.
    To hell with quality and Booker prize be damned. Keep them coming.

    Comment by Salil — September 15, 2008 @ 08:12 | Reply

  14. @Salil, ahh so after turning 30 I wont have anything to worry! Thanks Salil that was a valuable piece of info!

    Comment by Cris — September 15, 2008 @ 18:31 | Reply

  15. noooo!!! some of the ladies I know still address each other as ‘girl’… even at 55.. My mom and one of my friends’ mom are examples.. they still refer to their old friends as ‘this girl’ or ‘that girl’! really! 😀
    It’s like one fine day, she was all excited and waiting for this ‘girl’ who was to call on her at our place, and finally when she did, we were all too surprised to see a happy faced stout li’l 50 year old girl walking in.

    Comment by usha — September 18, 2008 @ 11:52 | Reply

  16. @usha, hahaha! Laughed a lot. Whew you just did your good deed for the day! You just brought smiles to a moping female! Now I can pass off another thirty years as girl! Yaaai!!! Thanks Girl!!!

    Comment by Cris — September 18, 2008 @ 23:28 | Reply

  17. c and usha,
    i sorta disagree. My sis, who is 36 can still be called a girl and me 27 has not been called a boy since my early 20s. (well, except in certain situations). For 1, i don’t see the logic and i think its a wee bit derogatory 2 :-). But then, I’m not a ‘girl’

    Good article on that.

    “I’m your girl?” She’s 59-years-old!

    I bring up her age not to make her sound “old”– I’m 23, and I bristle at being called a “girl” as much as any 23-year-old man bristles at being called a “boy.” I resent the cultural phenomenon of infantalizing women, as well as the social practice for men to be called men the moment they turn 18, while women have to wait at least until they’re 30 to be regularly called a woman, and even then are encouraged to put off the change as long as possible.

    Comment by j — September 19, 2008 @ 11:54 | Reply

  18. @j, reading that article, seems to make sense there. But I have to argue its only a matter of perspective. Anyone can feel offended at being called a girl, or in cases like mine, being called a woman. And about men, I treat them the same way, I call my bro older to me by 6 years, Nishboy. And I have a feeling most men wont shudder when called a boy.

    Comment by Cris — September 20, 2008 @ 16:13 | Reply

  19. @j, maybe that is a feministic observation. And maybe like the author says, a matter of language sensitivity. And calling each other girl, as usha pointed out is more or less a common practice with girl friends. It doesnt necessarily imply somebody is too young or old, its just a form of address. Maybe I will blog about it.

    Comment by Girl — September 20, 2008 @ 16:37 | Reply

  20. […] you like to be called a girl or a woman? Read from another blog about this and reading a few comments, was redirected to this. So thought I will write about it. […]

    Pingback by Would you like to be called a girl or a woman? « How a girl thinks — September 20, 2008 @ 17:35 | Reply

  21. I agree. It is debating semantics in a way. Not such a big deal. Just thought some food for thought. Language can point out to some inbuilt biases though.

    Comment by j — September 21, 2008 @ 09:06 | Reply

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