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July 14, 2008

Getting lost: nothing unusual about it.

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Oh no! Another break from my daily blogging. It’s these power cuts. To make absolute use of the power cut time, when my brains can’t be used for a lot of creativity, I thought I will put it to sleep. But it seems my brain needed more than half an hour to rest, it used up 3 hours. So am awake, but its way past midnight so my post-a-day routine broken again.

Hmm been movie-watching a couple of days. Been a while since I went out for movies. And today I didn’t get them “balcony seats” which means I was on the lower level and had to strain looking way up from way down. Result :nasty headache. Another reason for brain rest.

That’s the personal update. And yesterday I saw an old colleague which reminded me immediately of one embarrassing story he always loved to narrate in any public gathering. True version of the story: what with work and all that, I couldn’t remember the way to some place one day, no big deal. It happens to anyone. Hmm ok I may have skipped some details here, but that’s not really important is it? Alright I have a feeling everyone is interested in his version of the story. Here goes, in his words.

“So as I was saying, she lives in another world most of the time. That’s why we decided to call her Girl in Wonderland. You wouldn’t believe it, one day she was working late so I offered to drop her home. And on our way, I asked her the route, me being away for many years from Trivandrum, was not quite sure. Suddenly she produced her cell phone, called someone and asked
‘Hey I am in this place. Can you tell me how to reach my home from here? What? Oh where I am now? I am not sure. I see a big pink board in front of me. You know pink board?’
I was shocked! This girl didn’t know the way to her own house, and from the work-place she has been going to for more than one year! And I asked her why she didn’t call her mother, she said she didn’t want her mother to know she didn’t know it”

So that’s his exaggerated version. Ok there might have been a little bit of truth in it. But I wholly deny the pink-board lines! I said no such thing!
Sense of direction is one thing I was not created with. I don’t know how even little kids know roads and paths, one turn from another, all without making an effort. With very high concentration, brought in with a very high will power, I have managed to byheart a few curves and paths. But outside that I am still worse than a crawler! My 11-month old nephew would probably know better than me.

I suppose it comes to people who get lost mentally too. I was always accused of losing attention here and there to be in this “mysterious wonder world” everyone seems to know of. The last person to have said that was my former colleague, when on one team gathering I unfortunately chose to stare at the water in front of me right in the middle of a discussion concerning me! I was actually thinking on the lines they have described me. “She is a pampered girl who loved pink things.”, “A typical girl in all way”. Violent protests and war scenes were going through my mind against the descibers at the moment, which must have resulted in the water-stares. So another point was added to the list. “And she gets lost right in the middle of a conversation”.

Oh well a little bit of attention-wandering is not a big deal. It happens to everyone. And I am sure they all use a secret map to get to places when nobody is looking! So relax all ASOD (Anti Sense Of Direction) people, it is nothing unusual. Don’t worry.



  1. happens with everyone i ges…even me..sometime ago,i almost forgot my mobile number..cud u believe it??it seems thts the time wen the cells of the human brain get jammed in with stuff and u tend to lose even the basic stuff for a moment..purtely momenary tho…crap!!tho this is truth!!nice post…

    Comment by nikhil menon — July 14, 2008 @ 12:00 | Reply

  2. I agree….it happns wit everyone…don worry….U knw wat?? Once I got no conveyence bck frm school and I cldnt remember mom or dad’s mob. no. I only rem. my frnds no……I clld her up and asked her to phone my bro….and she tld me that my bro too cldnt rem. my parents mob. so he ahd called her and said that since I was so late, he was cmng to pick me up…..!!!

    So…it happns LOL!

    Comment by meghnak — July 14, 2008 @ 15:09 | Reply

  3. Hey! never knew this would turn out to be a blog entry! 😀

    Comment by sajith — July 14, 2008 @ 19:40 | Reply

  4. Before I am mis-crucified by the Cris Fans Association; I declare in all true senses that I am not the colleague mentioned above! 🙂

    Comment by sajith — July 14, 2008 @ 19:44 | Reply

  5. I remember telling her the way to her house ha ha ha!! 🙂

    Comment by Prem — July 14, 2008 @ 20:18 | Reply

  6. @nikhil, yeah its a relief I have company. But in my case, its not forgetting routes, its just I never knew them! After hiking them for ages!

    @meghnak. hehe be careful kiddo!

    @sajith, hush! We have to maintain anonymity!

    @Prem, ok ok wise guy! Now everyone knows who I asked directions to!

    Comment by Cris — July 14, 2008 @ 21:57 | Reply

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