Story of a lost journalist

May 28, 2008

A 2 A.M. story

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The time was 2 AM. Everything was settled. The day’s duties were over.


“What was that?” I asked aloud.

My fancy pal Mr Jim emerged from under the bed and offered the answer. “That was a ping”

“Thanks Jim. Nice of you to drop in”


“Oh no Cris. A ping and an ouch. That could only mean one thing.”

“I am hungry”

Well that was perfect. The clock ran for 24 hours and my intestine system chose 2 AM to run out of provision.

“Jim what do I do?”

“Ehhhhh….. mmmmm….. uhhhhhh”

“Of course! That’s it!”


“When you are hungry, you eat. Simple”

“Oh yeah just what I thought”

“Only problem is I should go find food and not wake up my Mom”

We started tiptoeing. Jim offered the Pink Panther song in the background. It went “Paing pa paing pa paing pa paing pa paing… papapapaaaa papapa”


I continued tiptoeing gracefully but my purpose was lost when my clothes made a lot of noise in the act.

And finally we reached our dream destination. The kitchen door. There was only one problem now.

“Jim I can’t open it”. It occurred to me we might find unexpected company inside. And I didn’t like finding unexpected company inside dark rooms.

Jim made a quick movement and tried to hide behind me. “You g-go ahead Cris. Nothing to worry about”

“Gulp”, said I.

“Gulp gulp”, said Jim.

I touched the handle, slowly turned it and before I opened I leaped 2 steps backwards, had my boxing stance all ready for action in case of an emergency. I checked my vocals and they were all tuned fine for a 120 dB screech. Jim and I put our bodies behind and made quick movements with the heads. Left, no thief, right, no monster. Whew….

We found the lights and bingo it was a total no-thief-no-monster zone.

The next step was finding food. We found them inside the refrigerator. All steps brilliantly calculated by a master mind. Mine.
Ice frozen food did not taste good I discovered. The oven of course.

Oven specific vessels were hard to find. Jim went up the shelves, I went down them. Together we found one huge black one and felt proud about it. I dropped the food into it and took it to the oven. That’s when the vessel exposed its flaws. It had an unwanted handle that wouldn’t fit into the oven.

“Oh-oh” said I

“Oh-oh” said Jim.

Back to gloom and despair. We weren’t the giving up kind; especially when there was a growling stomach in the premises uttering a second round of ping and ouch.

Some more sufferings and we had a plate full of lovely food ready. There was only one problem now. I wasn’t hungry anymore. Probably all the hard hard hard (emphasizing hard in case it went unnoticed) work.

I don’t know how it happened. But in a few minutes with food in my right hand and water in my left I dropped down on the dining table and fell asleep.


I woke up. There were a lot of dishes lying on the floor and in the middle of it was my Father. Instinct told me this was an occasion to loosen up and I always listened to instinct. I laughed a little. I laughed a little more. I laughed a lot. All on instinct.

The little, the little more and the lot was a mistake. I should have kept the loosening-up for a future date. Incidentally those dishes were placed in a place-not-to-be by me when I was searching for oven-dishes. It seemed an insignificant point at the moment to be talking about. So I forgot to mention that little detail. I would have continued forgetting it if it weren’t for my Mother who seemed to think that a daughter sleeping on a dining table at 6 AM with food and water was an unusual scenario. Mother, she always thought these strange things. I for one would have no objection to a dining table napper, I might have passed him and said “Howdy ho” and went on to mind my own business. Mothers however never did that, I chanced to learn.

Due to technical reasons, the author would refrain from talking about the next few hours of the day. The author’s friend Mr Jim, it might be mentioned here, slept on the opposite chair through all this. After the critical hours were over, when Mr Jim rose up and said “Ehhhhhh….mmmmm……uhhhhh”, the author threw him to cloud 9999.

Moral of the story: Next time I get a 2 AM ping and a 2:01 AM ouch, I am going to pull my covers over me and start counting sheep.



  1. or keep one of your jam jars in your room 🙂

    Comment by Minking Than — May 28, 2008 @ 23:28 | Reply

  2. @Minking Than, that’s brilliant! You just saved a whole lot of future dish-Father-clashes!

    Comment by Cris — May 28, 2008 @ 23:38 | Reply

  3. Err.. i was about to tell the same thing! jam jar.. Or just follow my way.. Drink water/juice.. 🙂

    Comment by Srijith — May 29, 2008 @ 13:25 | Reply

  4. btw, Try to fix the feed urls..:)

    Both pointing to non existing pages :O

    Comment by Srijith — May 29, 2008 @ 13:28 | Reply

  5. it should be like

    in your case..:)
    I was talking about the two links on top right corner after title…

    Comment by Srijith — May 29, 2008 @ 13:30 | Reply

  6. Actually there are better creations than this, of the same type, in “nuna parayal malsaram s” conducted in occasions like Onam !

    Comment by manu — May 29, 2008 @ 16:13 | Reply

  7. @manu I am sure there is, only I dont think they will have any element of truth in them 🙂
    @Srijith I will check the feeds, thanks bro 🙂

    Comment by Cris — May 29, 2008 @ 20:55 | Reply

  8. Kept my smile on through out the read.. Creative Hunger indeed :)..

    When I read the Pink Panther tone “..papapapaaaa papapa” Kolaveri’s “Pa pa pa paaa pa pa pa paaa….” Came to MY mind… I thing with a wee bit of change in lyrics the song will very well suit here…

    “Why This Ping -ouch ping-ouch ping-ouch Da..

    Leftil-u Glass-u Rightil-u Food-u
    Floor-u fullaa Plate-u..,,,

    Sound-u Heard-u.. Dady Come-u
    Smile-u Reverseaa Tear-u….”

    Next Time.. buy some ‘Palgova’ and keep it in your room 🙂

    Comment by Javed Miandad — February 7, 2012 @ 01:36 | Reply

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