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May 25, 2008

Another day, another test. Oh boy.

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It’s been an eventful day. I wrote another journalism exam today. There were 2 papers. The morning paper was on English and I’d have said it was not that bad but then I ran out of time. But the events that made it an eventful day came in the second part of the exam. It was on General Knowledge. I was late by 10 minutes. But it seemed the role of “ten minutes” in my life was going to be pretty recurring. I also finished the 1.5 hours paper in 10 minutes. Unexpectedly the GK paper was not an objective one in which case my 10 minutes could have expanded to a decent 20 or a 30. It was a list of questions and like most other lists of questions do, this one was also expecting a list of answers. Huge mistake I would have told it if it wanted any telling.

I might have returned the paper and went to drown my head in an ocean as seemed the only course of action left for a ten-minute-GK-test-taker to do. But when another fellow test taker who seemed to think on similar lines gave the paper and walked out, no doubt for some major ocean-drowning activities, the supervisors did something that made my jaws drop and my eyes bulge – they opened the paper and started reading it. Ocean-drowning, yes, but supervisor-paper-reading was a strict no-no. I decided to stick around and go back to those blank pages once again. Ok they wanted answers, I will give them answers. There is no rule answers should be correct. Answers should be answers; there should not be any discrimination between right and wrong there.

With this thought in mind, I went to questions I didn’t glance a second time at. I had not liked them the first time, but the second time they looked friendlier. It was this new right and wrong theory I established. Everybody, all answers could exist in peace together. No war, no soar. I have been a little up with recent events unlike my old self. Not that I can’t start a day without my newspaper anymore, but some of these happenings were beginning to interest me. I opened the doors I had shut against any kind of general knowledge till sometime ago. I had an open mind and a humongous brain – every piece of information was welcome to live in there for eternity. Problem is, though I might know what happened to that president who did this last month, I won’t remember his name or his country a few days later.

If someone consulted me on setting GK papers after they hear about my new open-mind policies, I should tell them to ask about incidents, events rather than names that made the event 😀

Names are just names. Shakespeare knew that when he made that line about roses. And if Shakespeare knew it a few centuries back, we should know it too. (Being a wee bit fussy about names, I cannot argue strongly against this cause). People are important, but their names are not. So if they want to identify important people, they should have pictures. That’s what! “Choose the right face among the following 5 faces”. Well it’s got to be objective; one can’t be expected to draw pictures of all these faces on a paper.

Anyway I had to spend another hour taking my imagination to its height. Asking my memory was a waste of time. So when they ask who the prime minister of Japan is, I answer “The president of China is Hu Jintao”. The answer was right, the question was just a little wrong. Pretty wise hah?



  1. >>The answer was right, the question was just
    a little wrong. Pretty wise hah?

    That is a nice idea. For us to choose their institute.
    They should question all our answers correctly.
    Otherwise they will miss future Nobel Laureates !!

    [they may use this template]

    1. Mahatma Gandhi
    a) Who is the father of the Nation ?
    b)Who is the mother of the Nation ?
    c)Can there be a father to a Nation ?
    d)Who is the father of Ration ?

    Comment by manu — May 25, 2008 @ 18:08 | Reply

  2. I couldn’t help laughing reading the last sentence. I did my engineering and have seen people trying lots of different ways of writing answers when they did not know the answers. I have even seen stories as answers to questions. But this is far better than those strategies. If the examiner who does not look at his/her key properly you might even get marks for these :).

    Comment by Anoop John — May 25, 2008 @ 23:33 | Reply

  3. Exams.. Have always givem me hard times but I never thought your way answering them :-).. GK was once my favorite, but now I don’t know much.. May be I will have to try the time when you set a GK question paper to take a test 🙂

    You are blessed with a sight that see things differently and also with an ability to write that in a funny and interesting way.. I like the post

    Comment by Javed Miandad — February 10, 2012 @ 21:46 | Reply

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