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May 12, 2008

One busy day

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It’s May 12th in India but somewhere in this world it should still be 11th. So using the opportunity to wish all the wonderful mothers in this world a grand mother’s day!


Mother’s day has been a busy day for me, which is a very unusual scenario in these days of unemployment. The part that kept me busy was planning to meet people, more than the actual meeting. It’s been a while since I interacted with the outside world I had to make sure my communication skills were in check and that I knew the whole thing inside out. Here were the steps I jotted down.

1. You meet them

2. You say hello

3. You exchange pleasantries

4. This is a hard part if the people you are meeting aren’t exactly intimate. You have got to decide who is going to lead the conversation if there was any coming. So there’d be a few seconds of annoying silence, which if left to me would go on to being a few hours. Luckily some wiser hand always took it from mine and made the world a less quiet place.

5. The wiser hand(s) lead the conversation and you either listened or you tried to listen. In most cases, you make an attempt to look and sound intelligent but you fail miserably and decide that it is wiser to just keep quiet. Let the wise do the talking I always say.

6. If you are in a house or a hotel, food came; a momentary distraction which should not distract you. When you are listening you forgot food, that’s a rule. If you didn’t, and you were gaping open and counting the number of dishes and the color of the juice in the tray your mom brought, you obviously went out of touch with the conversation long ago. Let food be a casual side kick – something like scratching your head or biting your nails when you talked. Don’t let it be the main screen.

7. The wise, sometimes take breaks and let you take things up. If you realize you were waiting for it to grab the chance, well good for you – you have just joined the international society of wise hands. Use them brand new wisdom to the fullest, be happy at the discovery and feel a moment of glory and pride for yourself. On the other hand, you may get a feeling which could be defined in 2 words – oh-oh. Well that’s actually one word repeated twice, but you get the picture of emotion. You may have something to say, you may not, but you were not ready to do it yet. You just wish the talker was back in business in the nearest possible second. In the meanwhile, you have to learn the trick to be natural. No sweating, no worries – if you didn’t know a thing, it was fine. There was absolutely no need to prove you knew the world about the world. So part 7 of the meeting was essentially in knowing to be natural – talk if you have anything to talk of and not otherwise.

8. The wise, all the time they do the talking, expects the listeners to be attentive. This was important. So if you are the owner of a mind that takes occasional breaks from the present world, you need to work hard to keep it in the present world for the whole procedure. Yoga and meditation helps I have heard.

9. We are nearing the end. The talk is almost done. You may not have taken part a lot in the talk but if you got something out of it, bingo you got yourself a good time. No harm in looking absolutely happy about it. You did your part of the work beautifully, you earned it. It was time for looking happy about it and taking a winner’s stand. This was your moment of glory.

10. Congratulations you have got yourself through a meeting successfully. The meeters depart and you are back to your own world of no-meeters. Each moment was to be appreciated in its’ own glory. Meeting was good, no meeting was good too. You like them all. You are just a silent spectator of the world and its wonderful traits. And while you let the world go on with its wonderful traits, you don’t forget to enjoy yourself. You enjoy your moments of talking; you also enjoy your moments of silence.

Like the song went, it was time you hummed to yourself what a wonderful world…

And my busy day – with all the preparations for meetings with the outside world and the actual meetings, turned out quite filled up. I lost my afternoon nap, which was something I have wanted to lose for a long time.

For another meeting on the same day, I took a chance to roam myself around away from the group of meeters. Walking through unexplored regions, daring to split from the gang of talkers was a brave and wonderful deed in itself (especially when you had a record of getting lost periodically). When you realize you are not part of the talking and you weren’t essentially expected to be, you can afford these little musings with yourself. A few moments of musing in the night in the outside world were too good to be missed. So don’t miss it. Go out, get estranged, do your thinking, do your talking alone, give thumbs up to the dark beautiful sky and in a while join the gang of talkers again. At this moment I have to sing that song again… what a wonderful world….




  1. Seems u really had a busy day -;) Wish u many more such days in future 😀

    Comment by Sajith — May 12, 2008 @ 19:17 | Reply

  2. message someone to send jokes???

    Comment by justajester — May 12, 2008 @ 20:23 | Reply

  3. Thanks Sajith and yes justajester thats another way of adding busi-ness to your already busy day :p

    Comment by Cris — May 13, 2008 @ 20:43 | Reply

  4. Was that how the meeting went? 😮
    Did I waste 2 hours of my precious time? 😀

    Comment by Anoop John — May 14, 2008 @ 01:42 | Reply

  5. “A few moments of musing in the night in the outside world were too good to be missed. So don’t miss it. Go out, get estranged, do your thinking, do your talking alone, give thumbs up to the dark beautiful sky” 🙂

    Comment by no name — February 19, 2012 @ 04:43 | Reply

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