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May 10, 2008


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What an awful day! I had to take a test today and it was in 2 parts – 1 part in the morning for English writing and the second part in the afternoon for GK. My GK stinks I know that. But I didn’t know the extent to which it stunk before this! It was horrible! Horrendously terrible or terribly horrifying, whichever was worse!

And to top it all 2 girls I met for the test were 3 and 4 years younger to me! I felt so aged and old to be applying for a master’s degree at this age! I did work for 2.5 years in between and engineering course took one more than most other bachelor degrees. But old age was old age. I had to come face to face with 2 facts I learnt today. I was old and my GK sucked! I couldn’t solve the first problem – I was hopelessly beyond my time. I had to shut my studying days behind a wardrobe and find seats in an old age home before it was too late. Sigh! But the second problem was solvable. I had to get my GK level up, up and up!

On my way back I gave direction to my auto rickshaw driver to stop at the house in front of the post office. The poor man was confused for a while and stopped the engine to locate a non-existing post office. I showed him the post box to make my meaning clearer – of course post box and post office would seem synonymous to someone of my GK level. I was doomed. I had no knowledge and no memory and no job. My life or me, which stunk more at the moment I wasn’t sure. My guess is both did pretty good stinking. As for me, I will go shed my sorrows under a few pillows now and hopefully dream of a better world of jobs and salaries. Sigh!



  1. You going for higher studies? Anyway, GK is not a big deal. And that post box issue..Thats just because of your upset mind! Everyone faces such situations once in a while.. 🙂

    Comment by Srijith — May 10, 2008 @ 23:22 | Reply

  2. hotel aanennu karuthi oru vridhan pandu barber shoppil kayariyathalle…athu poley ni post office aanennu karuthi post box inte munnil irangi…athil entha prashnam

    Comment by justajester — May 11, 2008 @ 13:40 | Reply

  3. Generally general knowledge tests look like the
    examiners telling…:” we are not able to design
    effective testing method to assess you. But
    there should be some criteria for an
    appointment/admission. We are sorry, but
    you have to mug up….”
    So who ruled Egypt from 8500 BC to 8499 BC ?…

    Comment by Manu Punnen John — May 12, 2008 @ 12:35 | Reply

  4. @Srijith thanks 🙂
    @justajester you are right it happens to everyone everyday I guess
    @Manu true!

    Comment by Cris — May 13, 2008 @ 20:46 | Reply

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