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May 7, 2008

My boring straight hair story

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I have straightened my hair a few many times. My first time was infact in 9th grade. But at that time, it lasted only 4 days after which I proceeded to wash my hair and then all the newly acquired straightness disappeared. I was pretty obsessed with the idea of having straight hair those days. I also hid from my friends about getting it done; it seemed like an over-beauty-conscious kind of thing. I did it a second time in 15 – my brother got some Glatt cream from a friend and we proposed to straighten each other’s hair. We made our own instructions and finished the whole thing in a matter of minutes. My brother broke the no-bath-for-3-days rule and took his bath the next day, and with the bath his curly hair was back. I decided to follow his example and got the same result.

I lost all faith in ever getting straight hair after this first bath thing ruined everything. In 18, I tried it for a third time (officially the second, cause the one with brother cannot be called anything beyond a childish joke). This time I decided to take extra care and maintained my straight hair for over an year. The one thing I seemed to be doing every time I got my hair straight was to go and make it short the next month. Straight and short somehow went along well together. I had to shampoo and condition the hair a lot. It was tiring after a while. So I forgot about it.

Yet another straightening session came about 2 years back. That was and as is the current plan, the last trying-to-straighten-hair attempt. This one I went after being inspired by a girl from office. The hair was as straight and shining as those shampoo ads you saw on TV – they had those new creams and ironing stuff to do it. I turned a deaf ear to all the advices and experienced talks. I got the straight hair I wanted. And it would be mine till new hair came out from the roots. I had to do nothing to maintain it. And I didn’t even have to waste a Genie wish. Ahh but I lost 3000 rupees. So what, I got my near-to-hip length of straight hair and when I looked at the mirror a few days later (the first days I was totally blind), I saw it – the hair was still perfect of course. And that was the thing – too perfect, too straight, too smooth- too wig-ish! It was totally artificial! It was like me standing there with someone else’s head! That’s when reality struck me; wisdom laid its wise hands on my head. I did not want to look artificial. I liked my natural hair more than anything else and I wanted it back right then. But I had to wait till all this new hair grew out and I cut it all off so that my real hair sprouted from the roots and stayed with me. It took 2 years to get all of the artificial silkiness out of my head and welcome my natural dear waves.

To the new and young straight-hair aspirants, I have this experience to talk of. But I know that like me, they are going to hand me deaf ear number 1 followed by 2 and not care a bit for my poor natural hair feelings. And some straight hair obtained girls don’t seem to mind an artificial head. Maybe with time they will. It is bound to happen. I mean the only person you need to really connect is the person you look into in a mirror and if some straight hair breaks that connection I say you break the straight hair and get back the connection.  



  1. Five tips for new and young straight-hair aspirants:

    1) The most effective method is to try electric shock. Shock straightens the hair. Most probably you will not require hair straightening for a second time.

    2) Dip your hair in Latex. It will also protect you from dust and rain.

    3) Read horror novels in the night: alone ! Fear straightens the hair. [ Keep garlic flowers, Cross, Bible, etc..
    15-25 meters away from where you sit. No use, but it creates a Dracula environment].

    4) Tie stones to the hair. (padavalanga kallu ketti nivarkkunnathu nookki padikkuka)

    5) Shave your head. Very very short hair is always straight.

    Comment by Manu Punnen John — May 7, 2008 @ 08:21 | Reply

  2. Even i tried straightening several times..And at last i found out that short hair is the best for me. 🙂
    new and young straight-hair aspirants will never learn from your words. 🙂 There were many people like you who adviced me before i went for straightening . 🙂 We people never care!

    Comment by Srijith — May 8, 2008 @ 11:03 | Reply

  3. There are not many people like ME advising ‘new and young straight-hair aspirants’. See, many of the ‘new and young straight-hair aspirants’ are still alive !!!

    Comment by Manu Punnen John — May 10, 2008 @ 10:00 | Reply

  4. “the only person you need to really connect is the person you look into in a mirror ” 🙂

    Comment by no name — February 19, 2012 @ 04:28 | Reply

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