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May 6, 2008

Quick cleaning

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For people who dump everything into their bed and have to do a quick clean up on some occasions, 3 steps to get it done. (This has been tested and proved to work successfully by the author)

Step 1. Always keep a bag or 2 ready. Take one bag and dump all the small things like handkerchiefs, key chains, pens, balls, cubes, etc into it. Put all the books and papers into another bag (you don’t want to miss important things)

Step 2. Always keep some part of your wardrobe or almirah free. Take all the clothes lying around (unused), and dump them into the free part of the wardrobe or almirah. Take all the used clothes to your laundry hamper and if that’s not free, dump them into a plastic bag and throw it into your wardrobe (to take later).

Step 3. Any itsy bitsies like a diary you don’t want to misplace or a keychain to your house, move it under your pillow.

By then you should have a nearly clean bed. Keep all your teddy bears in one corner with 2 quick movements, spread your sheets and bingo you have a neat bed. Make sure you get all your stuff later and keep them sorted or you won’t have these free spaces to dump things on a later date. That’s why it’s important to have free spaces in your room more than a broom.


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  1. That’s why it’s important to have free spaces in your room more than a broom. 🙂

    Comment by no name — February 19, 2012 @ 04:19 | Reply

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