Story of a lost journalist

May 3, 2008

still sick

Filed under: Jim and Me Conversations — Cris @ 01:32

“I feel horrible”

I said looking at the ceiling fan. The ceiling fan had nothing to do with the horribleness, but it looked like a good thing to talk to. My fancy pal Mr Jim, whose existence I buried under a few pillows moments ago, popped up to join the conversation.

“Cris that’s the 15th time you are using that word!”


“This minute! And that’s only because it takes you 4 seconds to say horrible!”

“4? What am I, a turtle?”

“Turtles don’t talk English”

“Ohh”. I took my head under 2 pillows and murmured aloud. “Running nose, watery eyes and a tummy”

“I thought tummy was an old problem”

I came out of the pillows. “It’s a new one when it doesn’t know when it should be fed”

“Oh you can’t sense hunger”

“I feel horrib… alright I am a turtle”

“Quack quack”

I felt a need for some educative tips here. “Jim ducks do quack quack. Not turtles”

“So what do turtles do?”

“Oh! Well turtles. What sound do they make… they… they just win races with rabbits. They don’t talk”

“Hmm good. So what do we do?”

“2 choices. 1. You sleep, 2. You stare at your ceiling fan. Oh wait I got another one now! Jim we will do a death bed scene. Hold my hands”

He must have liked the idea of seeing my death bed; he came by my side and held my hands.

“Jim! Don’t chew when someone is dying! Keep your face somber”

“Do I get to talk?”

“After me. Ok here we go… Oh… Jim… this… is it… ahu ahu… Good bye world. Goodbye dear… pal. Wont you… visit my coffin buddy ahu ahu ahu?”

“Ahu ahu ahu?”

“Thats cough!”

“Right so you were saying ahu ahu ahu”

“Jim you ruined it! You look way too cheerful”

“Really? I must be a natural”

“Forget the death bed scene”

“Oh no no you were doing great Cris! We will just take you to your death with the open-mouth-tongue-out expression”

“Never mind! We are going back to option 1. So start counting your sheep!”

“I like that. Especially when they have longer limbs”

“I said sheep! You know what the only thing men are good at?”

“Wearing sun glasses?”

I paused for a minute to show sarcasm. “They are only good in taking you somewhere to eat and leaving you behind with one thing they forgot to take care of”





  1. How can you say that!!!!!! We dont pay bills?? :oO:
    btw, I learned this thing , never stare at the fan when you are ill.. It just make the situation worse!! It gives you a feeling that , you cant do anything other than staying in the bed… Read a book if you can , watch Tv, or just sleep 🙂

    Comment by Srijith — May 3, 2008 @ 10:41 | Reply

  2. Everything was a no-no 😦

    Comment by Cris — May 13, 2008 @ 20:48 | Reply

  3. this… is it… ahu ahu… Good bye world. Goodbye dear… pal. Wont you… visit my coffin buddy ahu ahu ahu 🙂

    Comment by Name Less — February 19, 2012 @ 04:07 | Reply

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