Story of a lost journalist

May 1, 2008

Sick sick sick

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I am sick. I feel horrible. I am dying. I am dead!

My fancy pal Mr Jim looked interested. “You are not really dead are you?”

“No and you don’t have to look so happy about it!”

“You are talking. That’s not a good sign. You might survive.”

“Jim we all have our sick days and one of these days you will be crawling on all fours for a bit of oxygen”

“Oh that’s what it was. I thought you were doing a new kind of spider dance”

Suddenly there was thunder and lightening and a song somehow started playing by itself. “Spider man spider man does whatever a spider can. Spins a web any size, catches thieves just like flies”

Jim and I did our eyes-and-mouth-wide-open expression together. We did them more when we saw the sofa we were sitting on shaking and us bouncing on it.

Still bouncing on the shaky floor we ran to the windows and looked outside. And that’s when we found our voice “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”. Well it was more feminine than that. But Jim wouldn’t agree with that.

What we saw in the sky was a giant cloud that had a frowning face, gray hair, and worst of all, a stethoscope. Now I have nothing against doctors. They are nice gentle humans. But when they became clouds on the sky and put a song in your living room that shook your insides out, you cant help looking at them and saying “Please don’t kill me! Take him instead”. This we did, Jim and I and for the first time in our lives, we said something in unison. We had to have a doctor-free sky and a soundless living room. Suddenly it dawned on me. “Jim, what are doctors for?”

“Cris! Not the best time for a quiz! Well I don’t know… to keep you living?”

“To treat you! Now if the Doc plays music in our room what does that mean?”

“He shares a room with Lionel Richie?”

“No dummy. He is shaking us up right? So he wants us to shake”

“That’s how he treats? Boy what kinda law school did he go to?”

“That’s medical school! And it’s all your fault! You said spider dance looking at a poor melting patient like me”


“That would bring any living Doctor on the sky to treat us the spider dance way. I am sure there is an army of Doctors waiting to get on the sky”

“So what do we do now?”

“We dance”

And dance we did. We danced on top of the sofa, on the floor, on the table and just about everywhere. In a while the song stopped playing, the clouds disappeared, the shaking stopped and I was back in bed with a 104 degrees.

I am sick. I feel horrible. I am dying. I am dead!



  1. <> its ok you said him. But he should have told “her” (like..take her instead). Now it looks like you both were telling to kill a third person. Probably a doctor !!

    Comment by manu punnen john — May 3, 2008 @ 09:21 | Reply

  2. Hehe you are right I was hopin no one would notice that :p

    Comment by Cris — May 13, 2008 @ 20:49 | Reply

  3. 🙂

    Comment by Name Less — February 19, 2012 @ 04:01 | Reply

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