Story of a lost journalist

April 25, 2008

Another bad evening.

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Today’s sticky stories. Not much.

I went to take a photo taken (of self) in a local studio. I was sleeping prior to it and when I woke up my hair made a 7-inch border around my face. It looked like 1001 worms had just grown thick over my head and were expanding their horizon. I took one look at the mirror and felt it was perfect. I really did. No sarcasm there. But then I knew I could not use the photos that looked like that anywhere except by the side of my bed – for self-admiration. So I went to ruin my perfect hairdo – I combed it. The worms were gone and it was just some wavy hair staying silently around my head. They looked so dull and dead. But the worst thing it did was it uncovered some of the cheekbones my lovely worms had hidden for me before. My face was huger than a really plump pumpkin that grew up in the fattest corner of the fat-pumpkin colony. Seriously I thought it grew by the minute!

I went to the studio and made an attempt to cover some of those extra cheekbones with my now-totally-dull hair. I looked like a perfect zombie. The studio man asked me to choose from his computer – zombie1 or zombie2? I was devastated. Seeing your own face and wishing it just crumbled into a 1000 million pieces is not a pleasant feeling. I said zombie none “Can I come tomorrow please?”

The studio man sympathized with me. He must be having the same want-to-smash-the-face effect from the picture. It probably hurt his photographic instincts to have that thing on the camera. “Sure”, he smiled.

I went out of the studio with a broken heart. I had to go to other places with this head on top of me before I reached my home. There was nowhere to hide it. My Mom was with me. She didn’t seem to mind. But that’s how Mothers are. They love their child whether it had a face or not.

Next stop was a shoe store. The shopkeeper telling me 10 times that all shoes were big for me cause my feet were too small lifted my spirits a little. Maybe small feet compensated for big heads. I must be balanced after all.

After that it was a super market. When we got out I had 2 giant packets on either hand and I was supposed to wait while my Mom went to another shop. Resting the packets on a neat looking scooter seemed like a good idea at the moment. I was amusing myself imagining what it would be like if the owner turned up and saw two gigantic packets that stood where he used to sit on happy no-packet-on-seat days. Five minutes later a lady and a little girl came towards the scooter and smiled at me. I was a friendly soul. And these people must like my face with all its extra cheekbones. I smiled back brilliantly. Then the lady produced a key. I was continuing to smile brilliantly trying to figure out why the key seemed important. She proceeded to take the scooter handle in her hands and then the bulbs around my head started working – they turned on. “Oh! Sorry”, I tried to smile and moved the packets (which hopefully didn’t have a hole that threw things on neat scooters). The little girl suppressed a laugh.

Few more stops and I was home. Yesterday I had pinged someone in my messenger and I was pinged back “I am in a meeting”. I made a rule that jobless people should not ping first before they are pinged; a newer version of “Don’t speak until you are spoken to”. Today I forgot that rule and pinged someone else. “I am in a meeting”, came the same response. I wonder if they have an automatic message set to be sent when they detect a pop-up window from Lady Jobless.

It turned out to be one bad evening. I lost all faith in my face, all faith in my behavior-outside-supermarkets, all faith in being a welcome messenger window. What a day!



  1. Gud stuff yaar… very raw n kinda brutal, but sounds great, n keeps the reader stuck!!!! gud go….

    c more of ya,

    Comment by Renjith G Nair — April 26, 2008 @ 01:16 | Reply

  2. @Renjith thanks a lot but it wasnt meant to be brutal 🙂

    Comment by Cris — April 27, 2008 @ 08:34 | Reply

  3. Felt Like Reading a A suspense Thriller, always made me think what happens next. a simple thing narrated in a beautiful way..

    ‘ I lost all faith in my face ‘ I couldnt figure out yet what is wrong with that Face.. but still I would like to say … I am sure that there will be atleast someone who wishes to see this face all the time and forever in his life. 🙂

    Comment by Javed Miandad — January 28, 2012 @ 03:30 | Reply

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