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April 15, 2008

A little chat

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My Mom and I were walking down the street today evening and I saw a little nephew of mine. He is 6 years old and talks the most beautiful language in this world – sweet innocent child language. This is not a time or place when we can trust the world to let 6 year olds remain 6 year olds. But this little buddy here, he seemed unaware of the world and the tricks it played on humans. Here is how some of the conversation went between my Mom and the smart fellar.

I will write the real conversation in Mallu, the language it was spoken in and give translation in brackets.

Mom: ithaaru! Ee chittene orma undo? [Hullo, look who is here! Do you remember this Chitta (pointing at me-Chitta is Mallu for aunt)?]

I had my best serious no-nonsense aunt look on my face. He looked, thought a bit and replied “kurchu munpe vare aryarunnu” [I knew till a moment ago]

He said it so seriously that I had to believe he meant it. I mean else of course he was askin for it. Then the grown ups, excluding me were talking and he suddenly remembered it was his turn to ask something.

“Rohan enthu parayunnu?” [How’s Rohan (that’s another nephew of mine, aged 8 months)]

Mom amused by the serious tone he asked this replied “santhoshayi irkunu, mone kurchu chodikum, ee chettan evide ennu” [Very good, he always asks about this Chettan (pointing at the little fellow – Chettan is Mallu for elder brother)]

“Oh”. He must have realized such a nice well-meaning little brother deserved more questions on his behalf. “kattilil okke kidakkarille?” [He lies down in bed right?]

That gave away my serious aunt pretence and I burst into laughter. The way he asked it, it seemed he meant to ask “he goes to school rite?”, remembered it was not the right question and changed it to something the baby did everyday. He is one wise little fella! I am still laughing thinking about it. He didn’t wait to see my reaction. He remembered to go inside a shop and exchange pleasantries with the shopkeeper. As I walked away I could hear his high-pitched squeaks and expressions and though I couldn’t sense it I felt a sweet smell of innocence in the air. I decided the human world needed to be appreciated for keeping some part of it un-rotten and neat. The humans in the street didn’t seem to share my happiness. They were busy with their daily do’s and don’ts so I smiled to myself and looked up at the sky. Good thing my Mom was with me or I wouldn’t be here to write this now – I was looking up at the sky and deciding to smile when crossing one of the busiest roads in Trivandrum. Cars and buses strangely do not appreciate these sudden moments of happiness humans seem to catch hold of once in a while.



  1. kattilil okke kidakkarille? !!!!!!!!! I am guessing his expressions! lol , he must be a smart kid!

    Comment by Srijith — April 15, 2008 @ 10:52 | Reply

  2. This was cute 🙂

    Comment by Gov... — April 16, 2008 @ 15:40 | Reply

  3. yeah 🙂 All kids are

    Comment by Cris — April 27, 2008 @ 08:42 | Reply

  4. It is an interesting post.

    All the time I was reading it my Janasree, My niece,was all in my mind. I feel the most comfortable with children. Their love to us is full of innocence. And sometimes what they say and what they do amaze us, they sometimes even. Out does us in thoughts.

    Will write to you about her some day..

    Comment by Javed Miandad — January 22, 2012 @ 02:49 | Reply

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