Story of a lost journalist

April 10, 2008

Blood Donation

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My fancy pal Jim and I were inside a blood donation camp. I was trying to avoid biting my nails and looking tense.
Jim pointed out to me, “Cris you are biting your nails and looking tense”
I continued biting my nails and said, “No I am not”
“Oh come on its not that bad”
I looked at Jim and said nothing. It seemed like a huge effort to talk.

“Alright Cris it was your idea to donate”

“I know”

“Let me go through this again with you”


“Step 1, an angry looking old lady will come and frown at you and ask you to throw your hands out. Step 2 she will hit your finger with a 10 inch long sharp needle. Your blood will pour out and she will bark ‘Alright she is human. Get her on the bed and take all blood outta her’. Step 3, you will be thrown into a bed and a man who lost his front teeth would come, say ‘Buahaha I get to kill one more today’. Step 4, he will bring a sharp pointed 5-feet long steel rod and tell you this is a needle. He will use all his might and bring down the rod down into your right arm. And then he would say ‘Sorry that was a wrong point’. This would happen about 5 times and bingo the 6th time, he will hit it right. Step 5 you will get a lollipop, step 6 I take your corpse home”

I stood up and said, “That’s it I am getting out of here”

Jim wouldn’t move an inch. I sighed and sat down again, biting nails and cursing Jim.
I was called next. I stood up, told Jim to get lost and went to the counter with my eyes closed. There was no angry looking old lady. A young woman sat at the counter and asked me to step on a weighing machine. I was looking at her table for that 10 inch long needle. She checked my weight and smiled at me. “The calm before the storm”, I thought.

She said pleasantly “You are 2 kgs behind dear. Don’t look so sad. We can do this next year alright? Go eat something in the meanwhile”
I don’t know what made me say this. “Is that a real problem? 2 kgs?”
“Yes I am afraid so”. She smiled and let me go.

I came out and stood puzzled. Jim appeared from nowhere looking amused.
“I thought she might give you a toffee”
I stared at Jim, wondering if I was happy or sad.

“Oh come on what would have happened if you were qualified to give blood”

“I would go through with it, be taken to the bed, watch the man bring the needle and stuff and when he is just about to take it to my skin, yell at the top of my voice, push him away and run out screaming”

“And you will swear never to try this again”

“Yes. And the next time I would…”

“Do all these things, in the exact same manner, all over again”




  1. is this based on a true story?

    Comment by suresh — April 12, 2008 @ 08:15 | Reply

  2. almost true story

    Comment by Cris — April 12, 2008 @ 14:51 | Reply

  3. well i knw a girl who thot 1 million times before adding her name for blood donation, and finally added it and then she thot 2 million abt deleting it over the next few weeks… and finaly days before the d- day she guiltly delelted it…
    (all the time i knew she was going to delete)

    cud hav saved u time by relating a few horror stories if u ahd asked me:)

    Comment by laks — April 12, 2008 @ 21:52 | Reply

  4. @laks I wonder who that could be :-p

    Comment by Cris — April 12, 2008 @ 21:58 | Reply

  5. It is a good one.. The wait for something always makes us think about the positives and negatives despite all the thoughts and fear, at the end of the day, we will find ourself doing what our heart truely desires.

    Comment by Javed Miandad — January 21, 2012 @ 08:31 | Reply

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