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March 15, 2008

whats important?

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Hasta la Vista. I have no idea what AS meant when he said that but that seems a nice way to start after a long break! (I just Googled and found that it’s the exact opposite context you use it in – heheh!). Anyhow I am officially back.

Today I am here cause an email to a friend got me thinking (yes yes I am capable of that, thank you). Is fiction writing not important? Does only serious writing matter? Now me, I am a die-hard supporter of fiction. If there was ever a war between fact and fiction in this world I’d join the side of fiction.

But we fiction-ers are very mature. We learn to appreciate the good traits of our enemy. Factual writing is something really great – something I find myself absolutely poor at! Only it shouldn’t come and rule us fiction-ers out of this world.

It all comes back to this – what are you here for? What’s your ultimate aim in this world? To find happiness! People have different ways to do it – some are happy being with the people they love, some are happy making money, some are happy making the world a better place and some are happy blowing it up!

So, while to someone, reading Harry Potter or watching cricket may seem an ultimate waste of time, to someone else it may be the most precious moments. That is something people don’t seem to understand. What is important has no defined list of activities – what is important is what takes your mind to the best possible level of happiness or satisfaction!

We were not born to be knowing only about what happened in Japan 60 years ago (history) or where exactly a hill is located (my idea of geography 😀 . Maya Teacher, please don’t read this!) . All of this would not be happening if people found happiness with the simple pleasures of life. Why cant a walk with a friend or a letter to your Mother count as things that are important? Why can’t imagining a whole new environment and a whole bunch of characters qualify to be “good writing”?

When they grow up, many people leave behind the simple things that used to make them happy. What is important is something that is different for every person – no one can dictate a set of rules for that. And better than criticizing them from afar is try to appreciate them for seeing what you can’t.

Alright enough of the big-mama talk! I will go back to my switch-off mode. These thinking modes could be a little tiring sometimes 😀



  1. No, No, Not at all tiresome. That was a real good post. Loved reading it. keep posting Sita!

    ~ Anoop

    Comment by Anoop — March 17, 2008 @ 11:23 | Reply

  2. I like it a lot when you write fiction.. It dosent mean you are weak in real-life writing..

    Whatever you write is worth reading religiously and to be kept in heart..

    You are a blessed writer, please never stop writing.. Write more frequently..

    Comment by Javed Miandad — January 8, 2012 @ 04:14 | Reply

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