Story of a lost journalist

September 9, 2007

new-seat story

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Life is so horrible. I was a happy man till yesterday. But now I am a man with a deep sorrow. A sorrow so deep I have to cry about it every other hour.
It aches my heart, every time I pass it. The place that gave me all my happiness in life. I tried not to think of it.

‘Like what you have got’, I told myself. Whats the use I never listen to anyone, not even myself. Moreover, I am a man with a broken heart. And men with broken hearts can never listen to a happy thought. They seek sadness. I am sure I would want to see Jack sinking in Titanic or read Romeo drinking the poison and killing himself. Because we share the same emotion. Jack, Romeo and me. We are heroes of sadness. We faced agony. We suffered. They both died and am as good as dead. What more can cause sadness to a man than ripping his favorite seat off him.

Yes, its true. They did it to me. They changed my seat, at my work-place. I was moved away. From the comforts of my non-visible, secretive, private, personal, lovely, beautiful, precious seat, they took me and put me in a public, completely visible place of 0% privacy.
Yup Jack, Mr R and me, we travel in the same boat. All beholders of great misery.

Today I visit my old place. I give it all respects of a death bed. I lay flowers by the side. I stand on my knees and pay respects. My poor dear ex-place.

But then life must move on. I have a picture of me sitting happily there before. I keep it in my current horrible place. Those are just happy memories now.
A man of deep sorrow, I have to rest for a long long time… unless… that pretty girl in blue dress takes the seat next to me. Shes heading towards this direction. She is … wow she looked at me and better, she smiled. I smiled back. I could see a new beginning.
Its like a rebirth.
“Excuse me, I am Catherine. Can you tell me how I can move my stuff. I am new here”
Woah. She spoke to me. She likes me. She loves me.
I looked up. I could see only white roof but I was sure somebody beyond that roof, somebody way up there likes me a lot.
Life is so sweet.



  1. Nice ‘cloud + lining’ story 🙂
    Btw, pink has blued?

    Comment by InTeGeR — September 9, 2007 @ 19:17 | Reply

  2. hahaha …that was gooood

    Comment by just a jester — September 11, 2007 @ 03:23 | Reply

  3. ya truly life is so sweet. not we all are here to embarked in a same ‘seat’. seats must be changing.

    Comment by redhuedreams... — September 11, 2007 @ 14:35 | Reply

  4. Yes you’re absolutely true. Life is sweet in a way or the other. We all are not here to be embarked in a same ‘seat’. The seats must be changing! Or to be the other way around we’re free to explore the challenging changes.

    Comment by redhuedreams... — September 11, 2007 @ 14:45 | Reply

  5. The only way to avoid being miserable is not to have enough leisure to wonder whether you are happy or not.
    anyways nice:)

    Comment by srikanth — September 16, 2007 @ 12:49 | Reply

  6. You r improving !! 😛

    Comment by Prem — September 16, 2007 @ 16:29 | Reply

  7. Never count your loses, count your gains, it will keep you happy. 🙂

    Comment by Javed Miandad — December 27, 2011 @ 05:35 | Reply

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