Story of a lost journalist

April 30, 2007

On those walls

Filed under: Fiction — Cris @ 18:32

It was the same time again. Gawd I am falling in love with these power failures!
I went up and looked at my favorite wall. My roomies thought me cranky. They think I write secret poems. I didnt bother to correct them.

Hmm..Any minute now…Aha! Finally. The same slow movements. Nose first. Perfect nose just like the ones those artisits folks draw – more like a sculpture carved with utter perfection. Next comes the lashes.. Long thick ones with a perfect curve at the edge. Gosh I so wish I was an artist. The lips .. another super pefection… and finally those small strands of curly hair falling over her well carved forehead. The same pose.. slightly leaning forwards to look down at the busy streets. Her hands must be resting on the half-walls. I cant make it out but I can see them rise to her lovely chins and cheeks sometimes.
Gosh what a beautiful picture..

The power would be back on again now.. And she would go back..

Maybe I should write a poem. Or rather story. She deserves to be made a poem. If I could carve her into some wall and keep looking at it.. But thats where I see her even now. On the walls… on her walls…
When I do write I will talk of my love across the street. How every night I climb up to just see her for a while.. How I have no idea of what she is or who she is..
For I am in love with a shadow on a wall across the street I saw every night!



  1. a vivid imagination….of powercuts and poems! well it was long long ago…as a kid that i used to love staring at my own (larger than life) shadow in the dimness of the candelit room…. during stormy monsoon days
    times have changed….now all that i do is curse all humanity for the cruelty of inflicting a power failure on me!!

    Comment by Murali Rajendran — May 14, 2007 @ 08:23 | Reply

  2. Falling in love with a shadow.. beautiful imagination 🙂

    Comment by Javed Miandad — December 28, 2011 @ 12:20 | Reply

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