Story of a lost journalist

April 13, 2007

Big me! Small world!

Filed under: Imagination — Cris @ 03:28

Yawnnn! This is the part of the day I hate the most! The waking up part! If I were in a cartoon I could’ve yelled “Hey who turned on the lights”.But here I am in my beatiful room sitting on my beautiful bed knowing I cannot stay here another minute longer lest I should be late for work.I toyed with the idea of taking leave and going back to my beautiful room and beautiful bed. But my bed sheet seemed to be filled with pictures of my boss scowling at me. That shook me up!

I decided to do it. I went to my secret room, put on my secret clothes and became… (loud background music) …..super girl!!! (lots of echo)I got out of the room and spread my wings. I should be flying thats what super heroes do. But I decided not to. I went and took my super bag. I caught a super bus and went to my super office to do my super work! Time for some super powers. I threw out a hand and expected spider webs to jump out. Oops no webs came out. Ok maybe I dont have the spidey thing in me.
Bat man and Super man flew. I stepped out of my chair and jumped. Well I went up a feet. I came down the next minute. Gravity seems to like me down.

I noticed that others around me didnt whisper as they should or look at my super powers in admiration. I wanted more background music. There should be a theme song. Aha.
“Super Girlie, shes a hero,
Gonna take pollution down to zero.”

“You watch Captain Planet?” someone asked. I stared, pretended I didnt hear him and turned away.This wasnt working. Super heroes did not sit in an office working unnoticed by all. Something was missing.

And then the realisation struck me. I was no super girl!!! No!!! This was too much! The identity I kept close to my heart secretly was not real!!! I am just an ordinary breathing human being like the rest of them!!!Unbearable!

Well its 9 AM. I am going to start working now. Enough for the day to keep me alive. Tomorrow I am going to be a detective!


  1. i wont comment on this!!!
    who knows whether i would be told to delete it later… 😐

    Comment by jest a juster — April 14, 2007 @ 18:47 | Reply

  2. Hehehehehehehe.. loved all your entries.. got this link from your orkut profile.. It was an entertaining hour!!!

    Comment by Harish — April 17, 2007 @ 11:55 | Reply

  3. No doubt you are super humane at least you show superhuman charecters while writing.. 🙂

    Your greatest ability is, making people feel happy with every post.. You have the ability to make people breakinto laughter regardless of their mood..

    I honestly wished I had that ability so that I can make a loved one laugh now..

    Comment by Javed Miandad — December 28, 2011 @ 17:31 | Reply

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