Story of a lost journalist

September 4, 2006

A girl guide whose name I didnt know..

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“Your turn Tommy” cried Daniel White, his moustache jumping up and down as he spoke.
Tommy Louis looked up from his cofee mug.
“Oh alright. I guess its time you guys knew”
“Haa now theres a good start!”. Neil Wanser was excited. So was everyone else. When Tommy said a story, he said it well.
“Tell it loud my boy” said Hulligan, the oldest in the group.

The small group of 50-year olds huddled together around Tommy as he slowly placed his coffee mug and took his hands to his half-grey beard. He looked grave as his eyes went to the opposite wall and seemed to be stuck there. The excitement of the group grew. But they waited for Tommy to start.

Out of nowhere came Tommy’s piercing voice.
“Remember the time I was at Melbourne?”. Everyone nodded.
“Its about a girl; I know” whispered William Jones to Daniel White.
“Yes Willy its about a girl. A girl I saw sitting by herself in a pond. A girl who was no more than 6 years old..”
There were noises of suprise coming from the small crowd.

“I was roaming out by myself when I saw this little girl. She was looking untidy, thats the first thing that caught my eye. Rude as I was I pointed that out.
‘Hey there’
She looked up, seeming scared and alarmed.
‘Dont you think you should rather put yourself in the pond than stare at it’
She looked even more alarmed. She started to run but I caught her right in my arms. Thats when I felt something different. No, she was a normal child. But I felt something different when I held her in my arms…I asked her ‘Who are you?’
She looked sadly into my eyes but she didnt cry. She said boldly
‘Cant tell ya’
‘Why not’
‘I know who ya are’
‘You know me? How?’
‘Seen your pic in Momma’s box’
‘What? Who is your Momma?’
‘Cant tell ya’
‘Why not?’
‘Momma’s told me not to speak to ya if I ever see ya’
‘But you are speaking now’
‘Oops’. She suddenly covered her little mouth with her little hands and tried to run away again.
‘Not so fast you young scout’
‘Scouts are for boys. I’d be a girl guide’
‘Hahaha. Alright Ms Girl Guide would you take me to your home? You can do that without speaking to me’

She seemed convinced. Without a word she started walking and turned to look at me. I took that as a hint to follow her.
We walked for ten minutes without speaking a word. The place seemed like an abandoned forest.
She stopped in the middle of nowhere.
‘What happened? Did we get lost’
‘Course not’. She pointed at a hut I didnt see before covered by a hundred trees.
‘You live in a jungle?!’
She seemed angry.
‘Thats no jungle thats mah home. But I dont live there anymore’
‘Cause you are scared’. I liked seeing her angry. She looked so tiny and red and yes, beautiful.
‘I am not scared! Girl guides are brave! I live with Mr Samuel Laymer.’
‘Your Momma threw you out cause you dont take bath’
I didnt know why I kept teasing her but I wanted to keep her talking. I knew this was more serious than it seemed. I knew I should be worried. But right then all I wanted to do was talk to this little girl and think of nothing else.

But instead of anger I saw sadness. She looked down trying hard not to cry.
‘Alright alright maybe you take a bath once in a while then’
She kept looking down.
‘What! What do you want me to say? You are as white as an angel?’
‘I am not I know that.’
Suddenly I felt bad. I knelt down and raised her chin.
‘Whats wrong little one?’
‘Momma’s gone’.She couldnt hold her tears any longer. She put her hands around my shoulders and cried like a baby. Well, she was a baby! My baby! I knew it right when I saw her. But I tried not to believe it. Right now, holding her onto my shoulders, I found my own eyes wetting.
‘You are my baby! My child’
She looked up at me, nodded many times and kept crying.

I went to see Samuel Laymer, told him who I was and took her with me.
I never asked her about her mother. She kept her word to her Momma. I didnt know what her Mom named her. I started calling her Denise. Cause I knew that was the name of her mother. The only woman I ever fell in love with.
My daughter was happy I knew. I never told her, her Mom had left me 1 month after marriage. I never knew why. Maybe she knew she wouldnt live long. But thats the lamest reason to run away from me.. No, she never loved me.
But young Denise did. As long as she lived…She was with me for 2 years…The 2 most beautiful and happiest years of my life..And now you guys are all I have got”

Tommy looked at the now-quiet crowd and smiled.
They didnt say anything. Only Hulligan said “My boy”.
This was not the usual Tommy-story which ended in cheers and slaps and claps. This time it was tears and love.



  1. u are bad 😛 u make all these goodie girlies die 😦

    Comment by just a jester — September 4, 2006 @ 13:48 | Reply

  2. :-(((

    Comment by Cris — September 5, 2006 @ 02:46 | Reply

  3. Felt some wetness in my eyes reading this, you are killing a lot of people in here in your blog.. The writing style is beautiful other than for one or two instance in the whole story..

    Comment by Javed Miandad — January 15, 2011 @ 08:32 | Reply

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