Story of a lost journalist

August 13, 2006

And she never woke up…

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I am hungry. There is no way I could have food now. So I decided to write.
“Comin Mom”
Mom calls me for anything and everything. I mostly ignore them. Many times I had to reach her bed, and get beaten up for disturbing her in her “meditation”! She will say she never called me and she doesnt even like seeing my face. She got worse after Saif went away. That happened last year. Maybe she learnt all the bullying stuff from Ruther. Ruther is my father. But I call him Ruther. Thats how he wanted me to call. I have always wondered if he is my step father. Only a step father could hate a child so. Atleast thats what I thought. Father or no father I am not fond of him. I know those arent the exact words that say my feelings for him. But Father Benedict tells me not to say anything bad about him. Or anyone else for that matter. I like Father Benedict. He is a nice man. He taught me to read and write. Too bad he cannot marry or I’d surely marry him. He laughs when I say that. Maybe he thinks I have a boy friend. Nancy has 2, Lilly has 1. Maybe when I become 13 I too will have a few. I am 11 now.

“Linsaaaa where you girl?”
Thats Ruther. He sounds quite drunk. But it is alright he wont find me here. He never comes to this corner. We have 2 rooms in our house. Its Mr Olsen’s house. He has another big house now. Mom and Ruther only use the first room. The rest of us, we are 4 in all use this one. Only Ruther has a bed. Even when Mom got sick he wouldnt let her have it. She lies in the floor all day. Poor Mom. Sometimes I feel sorry for her. Maybe she turned this way after marrying Ruther. She must have been a nice little girl once.

Nancy is the eldest. She is 15. She is always talking about boys. I think these boys get food for her cause she never says she is hungry. These days she doesnt join us for work. Lilly turned 13 last month. She made her first boy friend the same day. Rolf is kind of cute. He smiles at me when he sees me. The 2 of them are nice. When they get lime juice from Mrs Cooper, they share it with me. Mrs Cooper is a kind old lady who lives near Father Benedict. She gave me most of the clothes I have. She promised me that one day she would actually get me a real new dress all for myself. Wow. Imagine that! Having a new dress!

Saif is my twin. I dont know where he is now. He left us one day and never came back. Maybe someone took him to a nice school and gave him good food and clothes. I know that he will come to take me with him one day. And then I will go to school too.

Work these days is making me real tired. I vomitted blood a couple of times last week. They make us lift all those heavy stuff. These things are getting heavier each day. I wish I could go baby sitting like Dorothy. Dorothy is Mrs Cooper’s daughter. She goes to houses and looks after little kids. That would be so nice. I love little kids. But people dont let me baby-sit. I guess I am too dirty. They wouldnt want their cute looking babies dirty, playing with me. I dont want that either. So I forgot all about baby sitting.

I got this pen and notebook from Father Benedict. He told me if he were a little richer he would have taken me to school. He says I write well. Ruther doesnt like me writing. Thats why I have to hide this in here. Last week Ruther tore all that I wrote. There were a couple of poems I had written to gift Father Benedict. When I said that he beat me harder.
I wish I could run away.

Father Benedict took me to a doctor today when I told him about vomitting blood. The doctor looked sorry. He talked about how bad it is that young kids have to suffer like this in our country. After coming back, Father Benedict hugged me and kissed me on my forhead and I am sure I saw him cry. He told me not to work after this. He said he will come to take me with him. I am not sure he meant that. I asked him why and he said I am sick and I must have a good life for once. “Before you…”, he said. He didnt complete what he said. He had tears in his eyes. He turned back and walked away.

Poor Father Benedict. He must be sad about something. Whatever it is, I hope I could help him cheer up. I am tired. I am going to sleep now.



  1. told ya my comments….goodie story

    Comment by justajester — August 13, 2006 @ 10:37 | Reply

  2. hi cris..that was a good one…
    good style of writing..da
    keep it up..

    Comment by kripsie — August 18, 2006 @ 17:52 | Reply

  3. It is a cute piece of work from you… I like Linsa.. as I was reading, I saw that lil 11 year old with dirty cloths and sunken eyes.. I think you are good at this in portraying characters and make your readers feel the all the emotions of the character..
    You are really good at fiction..

    Comment by Javed Miandad — January 7, 2011 @ 13:55 | Reply

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