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July 16, 2006

Tereasa’s story – part 1

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I am Tereasa Sally Cooper. I am 19. My best friend Martha had left this town last year. We had promised to call each other everyday. But that never happened. Or atleast it didnt last more than one week. The calls came down to once a month now.
I started writing some time back. The loneliness was horrible. And when I wrote people wouldnt notice I am so lonely. That was somehow untolerable.

I tried to make other friends. But people had their bunch of friends already and I always felt left out. All of them knew things about each other I didnt know. Noone bothered to explain. I knew I had no place there.

Martha told me she had the same problems. But she seemed too happy for that. Maybe she was just trying to be nice. I tried hanging out with my little step-sister Dian. But the problem with these little kids is they are just too little. She is 8. Too immature. I liked playing with her dolls. But sometimes a girl needs a mature company doesnt she? And I had stopped talking to my mother ever since she married that Jonathan guy. Everyone says hes a nice guy. But I dont like him. I know I am talking like any child who hates her step parents. But I dont care I simply dont like him.

So you see, Martha was the only one I really talked to in a long time. I mean she knew everything about me since kinder-garden days. It was so easy.
I thought about boy friends. I am not really the shy tpe. But then I dont know how people went about these things. I mean I cant just go and ask a boy if he would be my boy friend. I used to talk to a boy when I was 15. David his name was. We got kind of close too. Martha used to leave us alone and I didnt stop her. It was kind of nice talking to him. But he left the town next year. Why is that everyone I am close to need to leave the town.

Now there is this new boy Kevin Ronaldo who moved in here last week. I knew he was my type as soon as I saw him. Not the kind people found attractive. Long hair, glasses, careless and dreamy. He was perfect for me. I think I should tell you I am one of those unattractive types too. Thats pretty obvious or I wouldnt have all this trouble being lonely! I like my hair though. Its dark and wavey and longer than most girls here. If anyone looks at me twice it is only to see my hair. I wear glasses-thick frames they have. And I mostly am in a jeans and a loose shirt. I guess that doesnt give me a feminine apeparance boys really like. Stacey wears those pink flowing skirts and dresses, early 1950s type. Everyone likes Stacey. I saw Kevin Ronaldo look at Stacey for 3 long minutes today.

I opened my piggy bank and went to Lucey’s with Dian. There was a beautiful lavender dress I had my eyes on for a long time. It cost me all I had saved in a long time but a girl needs to do these things sometimes. Lucey said I looked cute in it and that I should stop wearing those stupid jeans all the time. With the money that was left I got matching earings and shoes for my dress.

The problem now was I didnt know when to wear it. I decided to wear it for Church next day. Kevin Ronaldo came to the same church as me. I took half an hour to dress that day. I never take that long. I had my hair tied into a half pony tail with violet ribbons. I removed my glasses. It was not easy but I could manage. I didnt say a word when I left the house and walked with Dian. But I felt a few gasps behind me. There were more gasps and people looked at me more than they did my entire life. I wasnt sure if I should feel proud. Those were only expressions of suprise, not admiration.

I saw Kevin look at me. I didnt look at him. He didnt come to talk to me. It almost seemed like he was afraid of me. I felt like crying. Noone had told me I look beautiful. I called Martha and talked to her in between my sobs. She tried to cheer me up. She said she was sure I looked pretty now but thats what she had always felt about me. I went and sat in the deserted street outside my home with Dian’s puppy doll. I stopped crying. I kept staring at a stone angrily.
Noone came and sat near me like you see in those good movies when a girl cries by herself and someone always comes to soothe her. No, nothing happened. I kept staring at the stone.

[Story doesnt end here. Teareasa’s story will be published in parts]



  1. name selection again : Kevin Ronaldo…couldnt you come u with a better one…..

    Overall goodie
    waitin for next one!!

    Comment by just a jester — July 16, 2006 @ 16:41 | Reply

  2. i guess the stone changed into someone adorable 😀

    Comment by Prem Kiran — July 17, 2006 @ 14:12 | Reply

  3. Dear Tereasa…
    I can understand you.. coz the only differences i see between you and me is the name and the Gender..

    Don’t think you are alone.. you are not the only who have a step parent, you are not the only one living away from your friend whom you have know since kindergarten,you are not the only one whose love was lost, you are not the only one awaiting a caring word for the one you love and you are not the only one lonely and crying..

    Some people are meant to suffer but we must stay alive to see how our story ends..

    Comment by Javed Miandad — December 11, 2010 @ 00:41 | Reply

  4. Dear author… where is the other parts of this story?

    Comment by Javed Miandad — December 11, 2010 @ 00:42 | Reply

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