Story of a lost journalist

July 15, 2006

Mysterious Girl

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The door opened behind her. Sally knew from the slow lame creaking sound it was Mr Orneido. She wished she could hide under the bed. She heard him cough.
Too late now.. he must have seen her.
She could pretend she was asleep. She let him cough a little more and say her name a couple of times before she made a sudden movement, showed surprise and some difficulty in keeping her eyes open before she said
“ that you Mr Orneido…yaawnnnn.. I am afraid I had fallen asleep”
“Oh dear I am so sorry did I come in at a wrong time?”
“No its alright Mr Orneido”
“I am always doing the wrong things”
Sally knew this line too well. Next he would have tears coming in from nowhere and telling all those boring stories she knew word by word..
Not this day… please..
She let her head fall down to her shoulders and her eyes droop gently.
“Oh my.. you must be terribly tired today dear. Maybe I should make you a cup of coffee”
Oh oh she had to wake up now.
“Oh no Mr Orneido thats fine. Really, all I need is a good sleep”
“Oh.. well.. then perhaps I should leave..” He said reluctantly.
“Well then see you later Mr Orneido”
Mr Orneido seemed alarmed she let him go so soon. He obviously expected her to protest his going.

After he was gone, Sally locked the door. She did not want any more interruptions. Not this day. She went back to the letter she had read over 10 times already. There must be something in it she has overlooked before. It could not be as easy as this. No something was wrong..She read it again..

“Dear World,
I am 22 years old. Grown up enough to make my decisions on what to do with my life. I realise the law doesnt like you to mess with it. I respect the law. I have never taken part in anything illegal. I have paid my tax and have been a good citizen. The first and the last illegal thing I would do is this – kill myself. I hope the law and God would forgive me for this. God knows why I am doing it so thats alright. But I still need to make peace with the law.

I expect you would want to know my reasons for doing this. I better say it cause I dont want some innocent boy being suspected on my accord.
Its like this. I have had everything in life. I know you would feel disappointed. You would think this girl doesnt know what she is talking about. But for the last 3 years I have been trying to find out some meaning in my life and I couldnt. I dont fall in love with any boy, I am not crazy about children and I dont like any job. I have tried to do something nice for the world. But the world doesnt let me. Frankly, I am just bored.. I feel it useless to live.. And the one thing everyone lives for… love.. I dont have it in my life.. neither to give nor to take..

You may all find this impossible to believe but the only person who has talked to me in the last 5 years is old Mr Orneido who lives next door. And I think he too leads a same life as mine and has noone else to talk to. Or has he?
I dont know how it happened but somewhere in between, its like everyone forgot I exist… Noone seems to notice me.. see me… how else can I have no friends… nothing…

I know I should consider a life more important than to take it away so easily.. and I am possibly very young too though I feel quite old..
I know you would all tell me this is stupid.. this is the weirdest reason why anyone would kill oneself.. but they dont know what I am going through.. noone has been in my place.. And when I die, I should be surprised if anyone would know about it except Mr Orneido.. Bless him.. The poor soul… I feel bad at leaving him alone. But I am sure he would understand..

I hope this letter is enough to satisy your curiousity. It is the truth..
Goodbye World.
Love and with lots of respect,

Sally wanted to add a line somewhere..
oh well it was not like anyone cared..
She looked at the poison she had kept ready.. This was it.. Maybe she should have given a goodbye kiss to Mr Orneido..

[A column in the next-day newspaper]

Local Girl saved by neighbor

Ms Sally Bernard, 22, was found unconscious in her house in Bow Bow Street at half past 10 yesterday. Mr James Orneido, son of Mr Thomas Orneido had come to her rescue just in time. The Orneidos say it was a bad case of food poisoning. Ms Bernard, young and seemingly happy had no reason to make a suiscide attempt. The police …

[Sally’s home]

Sally found it hard to open her eyes. She saw a young man with long hair and glasses sitting next to her, his eyes closed. Mr Orneido was sitting in the old chair by the window. She made a sound which startled the Orneidos.
“Sally are you alright?”
“Y-yes.. who are you..” And then looking at the older man “Hullo Mr Orneido”
“Hullo my dear.. Oh thank god you are alright.. Have you met Jimmie dear? He just got back from Kent”
“Oh..” she looked at the young man.
“Some letter you had there..”
“Oh God… will I be arrested?”
“Haha..No.. dont worry…everything is alright.. And.. I will make sure you wont go unnoticed anymore… your life wont be so boring..”
She looked at him. He seemed like he meant that.. And this was another human being talking to her.. Not God; she was not dead thats for sure. And not Mr Orneido… Maybe her life did have more to see…She, like most people who survived death clutched to that tiny ray of hope that seemed to have opened for her to live…



  1. Reaally good one….u sld start a writing career

    Comment by just a jester — July 15, 2006 @ 16:51 | Reply

  2. Nice narration!! But give Sally a better reason to live šŸ™‚

    Comment by billy elliot — July 16, 2006 @ 06:37 | Reply

  3. I like it when you write fiction… there is so much life in it..

    Comment by Javed Miandad — December 11, 2010 @ 00:56 | Reply

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