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July 13, 2006

Story : Love you Momma

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Day 1:
Nun : So you sure about this dear?
Liza: Yes. Dont worry everything will be fine. The 2 of us will be great together.
Nun : I sure hope so.

Day 2:
Liza : Err so they call you Vanda
Vinnie : Yup!
Liza : And you are 5 years old?
Vinnie : Yeah
Liza : I’d like to call you Vinnie
Vinnie : Whatever. You are my new boss.
Liza : Gosh I am not your boss! Where did you get that from?
Vinnie : The kids at the orphanage told me.
Liza : Well thats not true!
Vinnie : Then what are ya?
Liza : Uff… Err.. Call me Momma
Vinnie : Wow thats cool

Day 3:
Liza : Do you like pink?
Vinnie : Pink is ok I guess. I think Maroons’ the best
Liza : Maroon? Haha. Now thats a strange color for a kid to like.
Vinnie : What does strange mean?
Liza : Uhh strange? Emm it means odd.. different you know?
Vinnie : [blank expression]
Liza : If there are 10 girls, 9 of them likes pink and 1 likes maroon, that means the 1 kid is different you see?
Vinnie : You mean all the other girls like pink.
Liza : No. That was just an example.
Vinnie : What does example mean?

Day 4:
Sara : So hows it going?
Liza : Gee I am not sure.
Sara : Oh oh that doesnt sound good!
Liza : She doesnt call me Momma..
Sara : Haha is that all?
Liza : No. Its like we are 2 people living in the same place and talking only cause we have to..
Sara : Ofcourse dear. She just moved in with you. It will take time for little kids!
Liza : I hope she likes me..

Day 5:
Vinnie : Where are we going?
Liza : To get you a pink frock
Vinnie : Oh..
Liza : You can take a maroon one too.
Vinnie : Thanks

Day 6:
Vinnie : Hi
Liza : Oh wow! You look great in pink
Vinnie : Heheh you were right. Pink is good

Day 7:
Liza : Vinnie, we need to talk
Vinnie : Alrighty
Liza : Err do you like me dear?
Vinnie : I guess so
Liza : Oh.. wont you call me Momma
Vinnie : Ok
Liza : Yes?
Vinnie : Momma
Liza : Hmm… thanks!

Day 8:
Sofie : You are a new kid
Vinnie : Yea
Sofie : I am Sofia Cooper
Vinnie : I am Vinnie
Sofie : You gotta say your full name
Vinnie : Oh.. I am Vinnie..Liza
Sofie : Wow you got your Mommy’s name at the end? Everyones got their Daddy’s

Day 9:
Vinnie : Err Momma
Liza : [smiles] Yes dear?
Vinnie : What does adopted mean?

Day 10:
Vinnie : Momma
Liza : Yes dear?
Vinnie : Its easy to call you that now
Liza : [smiles]
Vinnie : Momma
Liza : Mmm?
Vinnie : Can I give you a good night kiss? Sofie gives her mom everyday
Liza : [cries, hugs her and kisses her]
Vinnie : [kisses] I love you Momma

10 years later

Vinnie : Momma
Liza : Yes dear?
Vinnie : I was just reading my diary. 10 years old this one, I barely knew to write.
Liza : [smiles]
Vinnie : You are the best mother in the whole world
Liza : [hugs her and kisses her] I love you dear
Vinnie : [kisses] I love you Momma



  1. errr…..this is a tough one to comment on……”well written” for now

    Comment by just a jester — July 14, 2006 @ 11:38 | Reply

  2. ayyy crisies…its so soooooo cute….great work dear!

    Comment by Nick — July 14, 2006 @ 15:02 | Reply

  3. There is a mother in every woman… Ask Kunjunni… he will second my statement 🙂

    Comment by Javed Miandad — December 11, 2010 @ 02:10 | Reply

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