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June 17, 2006

Go Cris Go!

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How to make a bad thing a good thing is the topic of the day.
I have read in a book about how the author has come out of really bad situations and made the better out of it. I have absolutely no idea how he does that cause anything bad that happens to me puts me really down. It only makes me worse and go down to a deeper pit of misery. Dont know if you say that, but well it sounded good.

Sometimes memories of a bad day takes a very long time to go away. And though you may get over it, looking back at the day always brings a gloom. Atleast it does to me. I could think of things that happend more than 10 years back and stil worry about it for hours- maybe silly things people said that hurt me..
Something that happened last week- it was really bad as far as I am concerned- I dont cry about it now. But thinking about it always seems to put me real down. I think of each and every little thing said on that day that brought about these feelings. They help me be weaker and sadder! Then why the hell do I keep thinking of it! Thats human I guess!

I know I should make the better out of it. And not be discouraged. Its just hard sometimes.. Well the thing is you have become emotionally down. So though you work on it and try to change things, you feel something pulling you down inside. The first step is to come out of it. Easier said than done. Just keep working on it. Someday you might come out a winner. Only I wonder if you can be happy about the winning then. I dont want to be a total pessimist but some words never go away. That sucks! I wish it did! But the day you feel atlast-I-reached-there, you might hear all those words in your ears again and feel like you are still where you started from. I hope that doesnt happen.

Its just that when people seemed to have already formed an impression about you and you feel so wronged, you would just feel like shouting, “Hey thats not the real me, this is!”. I mean if they hated you for what you really are, it was alright.

Well there you have it-thats life. Not full of chocolates n ice-creams or something like that, like someone had said before. You gotta just imagine imaginary chocolates n ice creams. But dont try grabbing them all cause you will be disappointed. And you cant just close your eyes against spinach and lettuce and all the other dumb vegetables you hate. After you have them, just try to find your way out to the next chocolate.
Sheesh all that food-talk was dumb and its making me hungry.

But I am not going to eat now. Feel like talking more. Ahhh whats the use. I would just repeat myself. I will just go try to sleep and forget about all this. But what might really happen is I would ponder over it for a long time, and keep worrying till I can find the TV remote control and watch a good music channel 😀
Sigh! I really should be more serious!! Hmmm! Thats what people advice me! It doesnt mean I need to be this high-headed (is there a word like that?), smiling-with-a-one-sided-curve-of-lips, raised-brow person. I can be serious with what I do and still crack jokes and be as silly as I want. I should do that! I know that! Hmmmm! Go Cris go! Hey I need some encouragement here! Some boosting! So join me Mr Blog. 1..2…3…together now Go Cris go!!!!! And here I go….



  1. Bad memories will linger no doubt……but think of a really good memory and all the gloom will fly away! Afterall, whats life if its all good.

    Comment by Me! — June 17, 2006 @ 19:26 | Reply

  2. hey go cris go???

    where did u dash off to….u have to be dat team girl and be with the team

    by the way forget dat wednesday okki?

    Comment by just a jester — June 18, 2006 @ 18:41 | Reply

  3. Ayy chubby, its just a slippy start in a marathon…it hardly never counts!…u gona get some 1000 more Wednesdays for ur sweet revenges..

    Comment by Nick — June 19, 2006 @ 05:24 | Reply

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