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June 9, 2006

Good at what?

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Good eveniing Good evening!
We meet again Mr Blog!

Mere hath mein….
Thats not me talking in Hindi dont worry 🙂 for I know that you, like me are no expert in Hindi! Heheh. This is a song from a Hindi movie, Fanaa. Sounds good. Makes one wish one could sing as good as that. Music is one big gift right Mr Blog? One day, I promise myself, I would sing a song that makes me want to listen to myself again and again. Heheh… did I have to use the word promise? Well I really want to sing.. and my song should flow … like the gentle waves in the sea…slowly…wow! Hmmm wish I could sing like Chitra. Oh that is K S Chitra, a Mallu playback singer. Her voice is just deep and whats the word I am looking for? Helplessly melodious…sad when it has to be… its just perfect…

Ummm… you know this thing people say that everyone is good in something or the other… I have been observing. Some draw, some sing, some dance, some write… and then again there are people who are good at their work- like coding. But coming back to art, lets take drawing.. the way the fingers move… uh there is a scene in the movie Dil Chahta Hein (dont get the wrong impression I am not a Hindi freak! This is one movie I really like though). In this scene, Sid (Akshay Khanna) draws a portrait of Dimple Kabadia and I liked the way he drew the lips. Well the way he painted it. Of course Akshay Khanna didnt actually do the painting. But seeing him rub the paint with his fingers, not with a brush, was kind of inspiring. I would afterwards, imagine myself drawing like that. Well I have this habit of my moving my fingers on surfaces drawing the face of a girl. Good that there is no pen and paper with me all the time. I am not good in drawing, I should say that first. Though I really like the art. Pencil stuff is what I like more. You could draw and then rub with your fingers and give this shading effect. I like that. Eyes filled with tears are what my fingers always seem to be fond of etching. Also they seem to like covering one side of the face with hair (the real intention being to reduce the effort of making both sides symmetrical!)

Coming to the next one- dancing. It may seem like I love everything but cant do anything! But yes, I do love dancing and sigh, am not good in it. Dancing is joy! There is no other word for it. You do it cause you like to do it. You enjoy doing it. Well thats how every form of art is. But when it comes to drawing or singing, I have felt an appreciation from the observers is important as well. It is in the case of dancing too. But somehow it seems more of a self-satisfying thing if you know what I mean. You forget yourself when you dance. And you even enjoy breathing heavily, panting, afterwards… heheh the whole thing is just wonderful…

Oh what was the 4th thing? Writing yes. I will never know how poets do what they do! I know I, for one can never write like that! They should feel so good about it. Being able to write like that.. Certainly a gift it is! And people say a lot of reading helps you write better. That must be true ofcourse. For language. But I feel there is another very important factor that makes a writer what he is. Imagination. People think a writer can write as and when he feels like. Thats not true. Atleast that is my opinion. He works best when his imagination is in full fledge and his pen moves hurriedly, afraid it might lose words his mind comes up with.. I feel one works best when one does not have to put the pen down and try to come up with something to write… Words must flow… Your fingers move with your mind, not a second later…And your mind moves…with your imagination. Now I am not very modest, and I feel imagination is one thing I am good at. Though I cant say the same thing about my writing. Neither can I say all that I imagine are good stuff. But atleast I do spend a lot of time imagining things, scenes never happened, characters I have never known, stories.. most of them without my knowing.. without my taking an effort. Day dreaming? I dont know when I transfer myself from the real world to this world, if you can call it one. Well one thing is for sure. Day dreamers almost never get bored. Their imagination is a constant companion for them. One advice for day dreamers- try not to get lost when you are going somewhere-do watch where you are going!

Hmmm well it must be true. Everyone must be good at something. Maybe it takes time to realise what it is. I sure hope I will soon find out what my line is!



  1. nice one once again miss writer-singer-dancer-painter

    Comment by just a jester — June 9, 2006 @ 18:35 | Reply

  2. endammmmo….ppl tend to identify talent as that which they are not capable of….nice work though.

    Comment by Me! — June 10, 2006 @ 00:25 | Reply

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