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June 3, 2006

Another goodie walk on a goodie day!

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I feel I need to give a blog entry today. Its a Saturday and hmm the day seems special somehow. Lots of diary entries (the actual book-diary) for one thing. And yes another one of those walks with Jim seeing all the people and the happenings around. Think I will talk about that now.

As I started, I took my steps pretty fast conscious of all the eyes on me. 5:45 p.m and a girl-stroller in the city is not that common here. When the walk went on and I have crossed the difficult crossings (boy the cars never stop coming!) there appeared Jim, my imaginary fellow-walker. He kept telling me to stop being so conscious and looking at the ground. So I raised my head frowning at Jim and started watching the things around me. An old man moving slowly is what I first saw. Jim and I decided we too should walk like that, slower and steadier. And then from nowhere came a big black vehicle, (am bad with names sorry!), seeming to aim its wheels at me! I am sure it had 2 eyes and a villanous laugh as it moved faster. I took a quick run (which was not really needed but hey thats what you call reflex!) and immediately found myself blushing! There were people all around, said the helpful Jim! I knowww, shouted I!

The next thing we saw were 2 kids walking between 2 grown ups. They could be hardly 3. One of them seemed very happy to see me, kept smiling at me till she went out of sight. Both of them were singing some song. And yes, I decided to start singing. Think I started yankee doodle went to town. But Jim said its horrible. So I kicked him. Next was another kid. This one was hardly 4, was holding his Momma’s hand, trying hard to keep up with her. And what made him special was he wore glasses that covered his brows, eyes and nose. The poor fellow could hardly manage his face and his walk together. He seemed dull and moody. I found my own lips curling down and frowning. Jim laughed at this! Jim has a stupid sense of humour!

Oh! Its Mr V! Someone I knew and was not quite friendly with. Well he didnt seem to see me. What do we do what do we do, I asked Jim. Lets just walk, he said. I bent my head down and walked fast. Jim had to run to catch up with me. We laughed after we have passed him and almost fell down running. Two people raised their heads and looked at me. I guess they find my talking to Jim and laughing with him a bit weird. Well I dont have enough reasons to blame them so lets leave it there. Jim is most useful when we have to cross roads. I always need a hand to hold on to when I cross roads. No wonder the first crossings were so hard! The dumbo was late!
Seems like an abrupt place to stop but thats it, I reached my destination. I took an auto-rickshaw on my way back so there was nothing much to see. Jim came and sat with me for a minute to say buhbye see ya for the next walk.

Well it was one good day. I hope I was able to convey through this writing the feeling!



  1. maybe you should not take the rickshaw back……how abt walking back like a rowdy……staring menacingly at anyone you see on ur way back…..the will be like….”aaa thalai thazhthi poya pennano ithu”.

    Comment by Me! — June 3, 2006 @ 19:01 | Reply

  2. ohh boy,dont do that road crossing adventure with jim plez..

    Comment by Nick — June 6, 2006 @ 04:56 | Reply

  3. Now the stroller strolls on her Hero optima Plus.. with JIM behind in the back seat…

    Comment by Javed Miandad — November 29, 2010 @ 23:46 | Reply

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