Story of a lost journalist

March 30, 2006

Story Time : "Can I?"

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They got out of the car. This was it. Peter would go to London tomorrow. Ginger would stay here in Kentucky, maybe start job hunting. She was looking extraordinarily beautiful in that red dress, Peter couldnt help thinking. He took his eyes away. This was not going to be easy. He knew that. He was keeping it off for the end and now was the end.

“So..”. She broke the silence. That was good, Peter thought, “so”, one of the best silence-breakers ever. He felt he should do that too.


Oh oh, seems she was expecting more to come out of him. Those eager eyes… But what could he tell her.

“Eh, its dark”.

Damn! He bit his tongue the next minute! What was he thinking saying that. Ofcourse it would be dark at 10 p.m. She didnt need him to point that out. But she was polite.

“Yes, it is. Maybe I should just go in”

Oh no, please dont, not yet. Thats not what he meant. She thinks he doesn’t want to be there. He should stop her somehow, say something.


Uh? Thats the best he could do?!! Sheesh, he should be better than this.
He looked up at the sky. Wow the moon was looking so beautiful, like smiling at him. He wanted to shout “What are you laughing at?!”

“So good luck for everything Pete”

Huh what? Has she started saying goodbye already! Whats’ with these girls! Cant they give a guy a minute!
Ok he has to reply.

“Yea..thanks..”. He needs to say more.
“Uh, so what are your plans?”

“I dunno, job hunt maybe.”

Wow, girls are fast. They dont take any time to reply.

“Thats good. Very good.”

“Its not like I have a lot of options”

Oh, now is his turn to be sympathetic, to say something encouraging. Dang, where are all those words when you need them.

“You will find something”

No, no, he should have said something else. But wait, she is smiling. Maybe that wasnt too bad then.

“You really think so?”

“Of course. I mean for a girl like you, with a lot of talents, it should be no hard at all”

Wow, he couldn’t believe he managed to say that. That almost sounded perfect and he didnt need to think either. She seems really impressed too. There was happiness in her eyes, her smile, her whole self. Oh, it was so good to see that.

“Gawd, I love you Ginger”

What!!! What did he just say! Wake up wake up, this has to be a dream. But then he has to know what was going to happen next! He has to hear it. From her. He looked at her eyes. She was lookng back at his, this time, wonder and surprise in them.

“What?” She said meekly

“I love you Ginger. Very very much. I didn’t plan to say this. I am hearing and knowing it for the first time right now, when I told you. But I am sure it happened long back.”

She said nothing, but kept looking into his eyes, searching the truth of the words he just said.


“Yes, Pete?”

“Do you love me?”

She looked at him for one long minute. “Can I?”

He hugged her. “Forever”.

He could feel warm tears at the back of his shirt. He found his own eyes wet. He made up his mind.

“Pack your bags as soon as you can. We are going to London tomorrow”

She continued to stay as before only he could feel those lips turning up as the tears dropped into her pretty little mouth.



  1. this was really coooooooooooooooooooool!
    as u already know that i doubted that it was lifted from somewhere, that itself is proff enough for the “coolness factor”.

    Comment by Me! — April 3, 2006 @ 15:54 | Reply

  2. “written” well….dint like the content…anyways get your blog on the blogroll i told ya abt….its real good

    Comment by just a jester — April 8, 2006 @ 12:38 | Reply

  3. da cris i really liked it,,,:)
    especially the part ‘Can I’….
    really good..

    way to go cris:):)

    Comment by kripsie — August 18, 2006 @ 19:38 | Reply

  4. It seems complicated but yet, it is simple.. Nice story. I think it might have been more touchy with Cathy and Dennis….

    Comment by Javed Miandad — November 17, 2010 @ 22:24 | Reply

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