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March 27, 2006

Haalp its Mr Death!

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Gee what will one’s immediate thoughts be if one realised one was about to die in a few hours? I was just reading my brother’s blog and he has written about how he worried about getting his wife back home (they are in Canada) when he thought he had a heart attack and could die in a couple of hours. Wow the very thought is scary!

I tried thinking of what I would be doing or feeling if something like that happens to me. Too hard to imagine. I mean I could think of a 100 possible scenarios but then what might really go through my mind then, I cant be sure. Fear? Well yes there should be a certain amount of fear! Death is alright, but then expecting death is not exactly a pleasing thought!

I have imagined many times of listening to others talk of me after I die. Well people normally talk only good things of the dead. But then who wouldnt want to hear some good stuff told about them? But seriously, how would it all be?

The one thing one could and should really wish for when one dies is that it wont leave their dear ones too upset- well thats almost impossible, but then thats the most important thing. “Somehow make them forget there was such a person as me!”
And yes, with time people do get on with their lives- friends, family, even mothers. Now I am never sure if thats good or bad. It sucks and gives us a low feeling when we think thats all one’s life is worth for-get a lot of love, care and then be forgotten… But then how else can it be?! One life lost doesnt mean the rest of the world should stop still and not move another step further! Isnt it best it happens that way?

As for me I hope death comes to me suddenly, giving me no time to think ( or on a more selfish note, know the pain). Thinking about it is never going to help. But then there would always be unfinished business in one’s life. There is just one soulution to that. Forget procrastination! I mean I dont wanna die not posting that letter I wrote for Rosily (thats the first thing that came to my mind now!), or making that call to Divsu, or telling Ma she gets to have everything I have if anything was to happen to me. Uh but Rose should get the big Teddy she simply loves him. And I dont want to leave Beavis behind. Noone would take care of him or see him as importantly as I did. Gosh I should not be doing this! I have a 100 things and a 1000 names to mention. Krips, Gov, Kummini and Qwerty. Nishboy, Chechi, Sreeku and Nivi. Robee Tobee. Ammu and Appu. Sheesh I am going crazy! I cant fill this page with people I care about the most. But I need to tell them all how much I care about them. I dont wanna go without doing that!

Ok, no more names cause I would leave someone or the other anyway. And these are just names that came to my mind as I wrote. No particular ranking!

See what a death-talk could do to one person!
Haha! Ok. I will end it here.
As of now I am alive, and happy like my brother has written and thats all that matters! I should just take care of all the stuff right then and there! Everyone should! :-)))



  1. 🙂

    Comment by Gov — June 13, 2008 @ 19:34 | Reply

  2. dont moderate comments plez…it makes ur blog impersonal..delete bad comments later[DELETE THIS COMMENT 🙂

    Comment by Gov — June 13, 2008 @ 19:36 | Reply

  3. I like the subject… If death comes for me… I am lucky, I only have a Hand full of loved ones… I ll go to manu… and hug him.. I ll hug and give kiss my AMMA.. I ll take my Janasree in my arms and will kiss her as many times… and will listen to her innocent talks and then will tell my love to the lady I love and if she lets I will take a hug from her and will happily die feeling her in my arms… leaving all th four of them to equally inherit all that I have left behind…

    Comment by Javed Miandad — November 24, 2010 @ 00:17 | Reply

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