Story of a lost journalist

March 23, 2006

Thought I almost lost it!

Filed under: Just talking — Cris @ 16:15

Hmm I am not happy with what I have been writing for the past few days, that includes my last 6 scraps (Oh yea the first one was a killer! heheh!). These are not scraps! These are posts! (I must’ve been orkuting a lot lately. I must get more in touch with real world!)
And today is not one of my happiest days either. I found out I gained 2.5 kgs in the last few days :-((((

Hmmm maybe there is some kind of connection between getting heavy and writing. When you gain weight, you somehow lose your writing skills! Of course! That answers everything! Ok! So heavy diet and excercise starting tomorrow! Tomatoes in the morning, cabbages for lunch and carrots at night. Isnt that how those fashion-TV people eat? Should be. Maybe I should get hold of an interview with Aish. Its easy for Aish. She can twist like an arch in no time(Ref: Taal)! I bet arch-twisting is one of her favorite passtimes!

Wow I can feel it. I am getting good again. I bet I lost that 2.5 now. I knew one cant trust those electronic weighing machines! They are lying machines! Hmph!

Ok I dont think I can talk anymore on this. I dont want to rather, and make this another one of those no-good writings. So I will quit now, but like an old friend of mine says “I’ll be back!”


  1. start running down the steps again..lolz!!!!

    Comment by just a jester — March 24, 2006 @ 03:25 | Reply

  2. You have always been good with your writing… but in between you gets a little detached… then you gains 2.5 or more kilos.. then again you gets attached to the world and the writing is Like the flowing river…

    Comment by Javed Miandad — November 24, 2010 @ 21:36 | Reply

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