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March 5, 2006

Perfect, muddy, wet evening!

Filed under: Nature — Cris @ 15:40

I wanted to talk about my evening today. It was just too nice.
I wanted to go to the library, a book 2 weeks overdue already. I thought I will take a walk. It was 5:30 p.m. and I was expecting a friend so my mother stronly opposed my going. But ofcourse little Ms Adamant Cris would not listen to reason!
“Oh I could be back by 6!”

So there she goes out for her stroll with her bag carrying all unnecessary junk. “Why did I have to take my umbrella. It wont be sunny I wont need it. Damn the bag is too heavy”. For some reason (whew!) I didnt leave my umbrella behind. Out I stepped, walked for some 3 minutes and was congratulating myself on coming up with such a tremendous idea. Boom! Was that thunder?! Noooooo please! Splash! Heavy rain started pouring from nowhere! I had taken out my umbrella appreciating my intution. But no, I will have to catch an autorickshaw now and forget about the stroll.

I went, took 2 books and came out. Now the rain was too heavy. I walked with my transparent, allowing-all-drops-to-pass-through kind-hearted umbrella. Sheesh, my jeans was getting wet and dirty. Muddy water soaked my shoes. And then as I was waving at fully-packed autorickshaws my umbrella bent upwards! Gosh it was so embarassing! There I was standing in the middle of the road (well actually it was the side) all wet trying to pull down a resistant stubborn umbrella! I didnt think anymore I just walked. But the thing was I was giggling to myself all this while! Talking to myself, laughing at all that was happening and having a wonderful time! I loved it! I was all wet and dirty but I knew I was having fun. 🙂

Finally I did get an autorickshaw and reached my home exactly at 17:59! Perfect timing! But that didnt seem to impress my mother, she seemed to be more concerned about the dripping appearance of her ever-smiling disobedient daughter!

It was one hell of an evening but I loved all of it! The stroll, the rain, the getting wet part, the flying umbrella, everything! Perfect!

Long live perfect, muddy, wet evenings!!!



  1. Must say the scraps are building up pretty well……your Mom calls you Shiya? Or is that noather one of your “hide the real name” thingy……Ms. Sukumari?

    Comment by Praveen — March 6, 2006 @ 09:35 | Reply

  2. hey this is like counting up to 10 posts ….ur friend who asked u to get to 10 should not allow it…..tell him to make the rules like the entry shouldnt have the number of the entry within it…

    tlking to yourself,giggling at yourself!!!..hehe next time record all that you say…

    Comment by just a jester — March 6, 2006 @ 15:43 | Reply

  3. I like this post.. this one is so live.. took me to my olden times when i used to embrace every drop of the rain for the reason that I couldn’t afford the luxury of an umbrella.. but the question remains… did your friend show up or …
    Good post with full of life…

    Comment by Javed Miandad — November 24, 2010 @ 22:17 | Reply

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