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March 1, 2006

Online Friendship?!

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I think I made my first online friends when I was 14. Using internet for the first time, I was quite excited about the whole idea of making friends with people from far-away places, people I may never see once… it all seemed quite thrilling.. I made some e-friends soon and mailed them everyday.. it felt nice to come and sit in front of the computer everyday typing about the bad days at school to complete strangers and drawing some kind of satisfaction from that! Something like having a diary… you can tell it(them) everything and noone else need to know!

But I found that the thrill soon disappeared… our mails were not a daily thing anymore. Gradually we stopped mailing… must have lasted for a few months!
Later, just after school, I started chatting. There was a long vaccation before college and I had all the time in this world to chat as much as I wanted. But back then broadband connection was not yet common, and the image of a possible 5-digit phone bill, if I didnt stick to an hour-a-day-net routine didnt make me a wanna-be-online-24-hours-chat-adict. I was more interested in video games and computer games and well yakking with friends over phone(local calls didnt bring that horrible bill-image to my mind).

I somehow made a rule to myself that if I should chat with guys, it should only be strangers I have not a chance of meeting in real life! Except my name, I spoke only the truth to these strangers and found the same kind of joy I got when I made my first e-mail-pals! I would log in everyday in search of a single person- yup I think I formed a kind of first-crush never knowing or admitting it to myself back then.

By the time I dared to use MSN Messenger(somehow I felt safer in chat rooms packed with strangers, upto then) , I was tired of the whole stranger-business and added people I knew in real life. Adding real-life friends and talking with them was so much better! Why did it take me so long to realise that?! But then talking to people whom I just knew and had not made friends with brought a greater joy! This was the only way I talk to them. There were again days when I would check to see if one particular person is online. There must have been so many different crushes at different times, me never realsing any of that at the time.Now I know the feeling and have taught myself to accept it(that was the hardest teach-myself ever!)
I found myself talking more through these chats to people than when I saw them face-to-face. This was cowardice-the kind of courage you get when you have a pen in your hand with no faces to face or voices to hear! Gradually, very gradually (oh yes) I talked to these chat-friends and made conversations without a net in between. With time, it proved to be one of the easiest things to have these tete-a-tetes!

So at one point of time I maintained that you can only make friends with people whom you knew atleast existed in real life and had a chance of meeting face to face. I thought the whole idea of online-friendship with no hope of a meeting was not real-how can people get close without ever seeing each other once. No, the whole idea seemed wrong. This was some time back. I was no longer interested in making new friends I saw on net, starting from ASL,what-do-you-do’s! But then somehow without making all this seem fussy, I found myself making friends-not many, just a handful of them, the possiblity of seeing whom I never thought once. Well thats not true I am a huge day-dreamer and imagine all kinds of impossible scenarios happening in my life! But thats not the point. I did not have any problem getting close to these people knowing living on 2 sides of the earth dont exactly help you have a chit-chat with them every other day.

So the point I am driving at is, friends are people that keep on amazing us every single day!


  1. Surely share that view about friends……any help or deed is with absolutely no expectation from the other person. People expect reciprocation in what is called the best feeling ever….”love”. The same ones don’t expect anything in return from a friend.
    Cheers to “friends are people that keep on amazing us every single day!”

    Comment by Praveen — March 3, 2006 @ 20:24 | Reply

  2. It is so true… Online chatting is really wonderland, it will make us feel so good, but after a few days or weeks.. the fun will disappear…
    it has always been my dream to know someone through mails or letters, and love that someone, without even knowing how she looks..
    I have also been cheated by some men pretending to be girls… poor me…
    but chat has given some friends whom I never have seen but still remembers me and wishes my birthday even after years… of meeting

    nice blog..
    Friend is the one who starts walking with you from the kindergarten and accompanies you till the grave.. and be with you in your sunshine and rain,,,

    Comment by Javed Miandad — November 25, 2010 @ 20:24 | Reply

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